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Wednesday, 9 October 2013



Guy's i am not lying at all tonight before an half hour i had a feeling of evil at my doorstep seriously i was scared enough as i was lying on sofa alone and watching television in television i was watching a  movie a simple romantic movie based on real story in which a couple newly married was hanged up as they belong to different religion. The people the relatives made them hung upon a special place in India known as Bhangarh which is in Rajasthan. They were the true lovers they could not live without each other so they die in the name of each other and made a promise to each other that they are not gonna spare those people who made them hung on the first night of their marriage so after they died they found each other as a spirit and start killing people who killed them as well they found their parents dead as the people who made them hung made their parents too so they started killing all the families in those areas and after some time bhangarh become one of the most haunted place of the world no one come back from bhangarh once visited in dark so people be alert never visit bhangarh at the time of dusk and tonight what happened with me was very scary as i was watching the same movie and suddenly when that couple made hung and their bodies were ruined someone knocked on my door step it was nearly 11:50 when i heard that knocking sound on my main door and from outside i heard someone calling my name prashant...... prashant...... prashant...... again and again but no one else in my house come outside from their room as they were sleeping but i can make sure that the sound was loud and can make anyone awake but no one came out and then was the period i started getting the feeling that there is an spirit outside as i have studied on paranormal i have things which can help me from spirits but as it was midnight the spirit was on his full power then i asked who are you he replied you know my name i said no i don't he replied you know my name, i asked so i know you he replied no but you know my name and you know about me very well and know the reason of my death. I got scared enough as i din't knew that who is he, "actually his name was ARNAV and the name of his lover was LINDA" i again asked him who are you and what do you want from me he answered i am ARNAV lover of LINDA i said what how is this possible and ah ah ah ah ah ah what is this is this a dream or what then he answered that i was only the one who was watching his movie in Whole city and he wanted me to promote his true story so guyz please share this story with your friends and then after some time he din't made any sound and after that i made my parents awake and then opened the door there was no one outside i searched as well but din't found anyone there nearby as well i asked my gaurd he told that there was nobody i was seriously very scared of it.
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