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Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Dumas Beach- Where the Wind is Laden with Strange Whispers: Gujarat

What is the idea of a haunted place that most of us have in our mind? Those of us having grown up watching spooky Hollywood and Bollywood flicks will undoubtedly be flashed with the image of place with dark and secluded surroundings covered with dense trees, rare visitors, located off the nearby city or town, a big house or a bungalow majority of the times and forests, jungles and other deserted places the remaining times. But who would have thought of beach as a haunted place. Dumas Beach located near the city of Surat in the state of Gujarat is reportedly haunted.

The beach frequented by travelers and locals in equal numbers is a site of paranormal activities as per many of the visitors who have been to the place. The winds of the place are said to blow fiercely and be loaded with strange and hushed whispers. The beach is often referred to as the home of tortured spirits of the dead. Several People are of the opinion that dogs behave strangely when at the beach. It is said that dogs who seem to have a higher degree of occult sensing, behave weirdly once they are near the sea. They bark frantically the whole night running from one direction to the other. People have reported strange sounds emanating while they walk towards the ocean asking them not to move any further. There have been reports of several audacious visitors taking a late night stroll at the beach being missing.

The tales perhaps originate from the fact that the beach is also the place where the Hindu population of the town burn the dead bodies and the things and places associated with the dead have always been occult and considered beyond the living. They are very often declared as spooky and haunted.  The reality remains hidden behind a mist of superstitions and beliefs of people. Whatever the true story might be, the numerous incidences pertaining to the strange activities on the beach never stop and continue to haunt the imaginations of many. Several people have declared it a myth far from reality while even more stress on all the stories being real. One can only find by paying a visit to the place but don’t forget to take your dog along.

Dow hill,kurseong,west bengal.

Kurseong is a hill station (and sub-divisional town) situated in Darjeeling district of West Bengal, India. Located at an altitude of 1458 metres (4864 ft), Kurseong is just 32 km from Darjeeling. It has a pleasant climate throughout the year and the winters are not as severe as Darjeeling.
 The local name of Kurseong is called "Kharsang" which in the Lepcha language means "Land of the White Orchids". Kurseong is 47 km from Siliguri and is connected to the city by road and the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. The nearest airport is at Bagdogra.The nearest major railway station is New Jalpaiguri [NJP], which is about 53 kilometers from Kurseong. The town is based mainly on schools and tourism. The best times to visit Kurseong are between March end and May and between the end of August and October.
This quiet town is arguably an ideal place to relax and chill out. Having known all these aspects about Kurgeong, very few people are aware of the mystery associated with this beautiful location. This place secures its position in the list of most haunted destinations.
 A numerous murders have taken place in the Dow Hill forest that has left an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. Many locals have also heard footsteps in the corridors of Victoria Boys School during the December-March vacations. Woodcutters claim to have seen a headless young boy walking and then disappearing into the trees. All these things make this place one of the most haunted places in India.

Shaniwawada fort 

Shaniwarwada Fort of Pune in India is one of the most haunted historical places of India and contains a nerve chilling story within it's walls. This is the place where the 13 year-old Peshwa Dynasty heir Narayan was brutally assasinated. 
As his assassins chased him all across the fort, the boy yelled, again and again "Kaka, mala vachva!" (Uncle, save me!) and even today locals say that they hear his cries for help at midnight on every new moon day.

Delhi – Delhi Cantt

Even the capital of India, Delhi is haunted! The most eerie place in Delhi is Delhi Cantt area which is full of green and lush trees. Most of the times, people have seen a lady clad in white sari asking for lift. If you don’t stop your vehicle, she will start running swiftly with the same speed and believe it or not, people have reported her reaching ahead of them. This story has been doing the rounds for a while now. Some people claim that possibly the lady was a hitchhiker while alive; hence she waves at lonely passersby to stop.

Thane – Vrindavan Society

It is said that a man had committed suicide in one of the buildings in Vrindavan Society (Bldg. No.66 B).The security guards patrolling the area have come across weird happenings. Once a guard was slapped so hard that he got up from his chair and hit the other guard who was nearby him thinking he was the one who hit him. 

GP block - Meerut

Although not well known, GP block of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh has been reported as a haunted place. On a number of occasions, four guys have been seen sitting inside a house with a single candle lighted and drinking beer. It happens to be the most common sight for people passing through that area. Some of them also said that they have even seen girls in red dress coming out of the house. The house is double-storeyed and people have seen the boys sitting on the roof-top. People have stopped going to that place now. 

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh, a deserted town in Rajasthan, was established in 1613 by King Madho Singh, son of great Mughal general, Man Singh of Amber. Bhangarh was abandoned soon after being built and supposedly after it was cursed by a magician. In ignorance Ajab Singh, the grandson of Madho Singh, raised the palace to such a height that the shadow reached the forbidden place. Hence the devastation of entire town of Bhangarh happened. Local villagers say that whenever a house is built there its roof collapses. People say that nobody returned who stayed there after dark. And the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) sign board put up there says, "Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area." 

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace in Kota, Rajasthan

The 178-year-old Brij Raj Bhavan Palace of the former princely family of Kota in Rajasthan has a resident ghost, namely that of Major Burton, who, while serving as the British resident to Kota, was killed by Indian sepoys during the 1857 Mutiny. The sepoys killed Major Burton and his two sons in the central hall of the building. According to the tale, an elderly man with a cane in his hand, the ghost of Major Burton does not harm anybody. But during his night visit, if any of the guards are sleeping or dozing, Major Burton gives them a slap.