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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


when evil spirit enter your body

What To Do If You Have Proof That An Evil Spirit Is Living In Your Body.

Demonic spirits can influence human behaviors, possess our body, and our mind. Some take up residency in certain part of the body. Demons only possess special people. A person that has great calling upon their lives, and turn them in the reverse of what they were born to accomplishes. Demons do not have bodies. At one time in pr-history they did. Satan has a body. A body like what Jesus has after his resurrection. Our problem why demons get the better of us is “lack of Knowledge,” Many Christians do not know the Holy Spirit, as they seem to be. Listen to them: “Pastor! Bro Clive got filled with the Holy Ghost last night and he foamed from his mouth sir, he foamed” Once the person start foaming at the mouth this is definitely demons activities.


As soon as you found out that an evil spirit invaded your body, ask the spirit to leave your body or your mind in the name of Jesus Christ. It will be a fight, the spirit will go and come again always trying to take up refuges in your body. Nevertheless, you have to resist him, always telling him to go in the Name of Jesus. You might need help, from a minister of religion. Wearing crosses or spiritual emblems will not help. You will need to ask the lord Jesus to come into your heart, as long as he is in there the devil and his demons will have no power over you. It takes me four years, to get free from evil spirits. Not because the Lord set you free, that does not mean that evil spirit is going to stop challenging you. They will always coming back to test your metal. You must know about them, and reach the place where you are not afraid of them anymore.

“Cry out,” “he dashes him,” “bruising him,”,“Foamed.” Does this look like anything you have seen in church.

Mar 9:17 And one of the crowd answered and said, Teacher, I have brought my son who has a dumb spirit to You. Mar 9:18 And wherever he seizes him, he dashes him. And he foams and gnashes his teeth and pines away. And I spoke to Your disciples that they should cast him out, and they could not.

Luk 9:39 And, lo, a spirit taketh him, and he suddenly crieth out; and it teareth him that he foamed again, and bruising him hardly departed from him. Luk 9:40 And I besought thy disciples to cast him out; and they could not.

One of my teachers told me that he was on a fasting. During the fasting, he heard a voice spoke to him. This voice he assumed to be the Holy Spirit. The voice told him to go and pick up all the trash in the yard. His father saw him walking and picking up trash all day and asks him why. He told his father what happen. His father told him it is a demon spoken to him. Another Christian that was possessed told me that she was home on her bed when the Holy Ghost told her to rip up her bible and trash it. She doubts the voice, and refused. From that day on the demons start to attack her. When she came to Church, I rebuked the demon. The whole church rose up and throws me out, for rebuking the Holy Ghost. That was when the girl told me that she know me my rebuke was correct. In fact, she went out of the church along with me.

However: How do you know that an evil spirit is living in your body? What make you arrived at such a conclusion? You heard voices talking to you! Is the voice coming from inside your body, inside you head, or does the voice coming from outside, but it is only you hearing it? What is the voice saying to you? This is important. Does the voice hold a conversation with you? What is the voice telling you to do? Do you want to do the things the voice is telling you to do? The things the voice telling you to do, is it illegal? What the voice telling you to do is contrary to the teaching of scriptures, as far as you, knowledge can tell you?

For example: The voices told some people to kill themselves, or to kill others. Voices told some people to commit some barbaric sex act, with children, beasts are in any way they can. Is this what the voice telling you to do? Can you hear the voice verbally, inside of your body or outside? Does the information only pop up in your head? Do you converse with the voice? If no, why not? Did you ask the voice what he she wants with you? If you are a Christians, is the voice telling you that you are not save, or that you are being possessed with a demon?

Hearing voices can have a physical cause, such as problem in your endocrine system. Too much vitamins and minerals cause me to have bad dreams. Some medication or illegal substance cause people to hears and see thing that are not there. Are you on any form of medication?

When an evil spirit is trying to gain access to person’s body. The evil spirit first tries to gain access to the person mind. If those demons can get you to believe that, he is already in your body. Getting into your body is easy from that point on.

Demonic spirits does not want anyone to know that he is in his or her body. Demonic spirit wants you to think that you are having a compulsion, a habit, or a disorder.

You must only have one spirit in your body, and that is the spirit you were born with. This is called the “Human spirit” This is where demonic spirit got Christians. Christians think the in filling of the Holy Ghost. Mean that the Holy Ghost penetrates their body and comes in, and is inside their body like how a baby is in a woman’s body. Paul said the believers are in his heart. In addition, he is filled with their presence. Does this mean that every single believer is in the body of the apostle Paul?

The so-called doctrine of interpenetration, that is, persons entering physical into each other, is false. The Bible does speak of the Corinthians and Philippians being in Paul's heart (2 Cor. 7:3; Phil. 1:7); God being in Christ (2 Cor. 5:19); Christ being in God (John 14:20); God and Christ being in each other (John 14:10-11); men being in both the Father and the Son (1 John 2:24); men being in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17); men and the Spirit being in each other (Romans 8:9); Christ being in men (Col. 1:27; Romans 8:10); man and Christ being in each other (John 14:20); all creation being in God (Acts 17:28); and Satan entering into men (Luke 22:3; John 13:27). However, these passages refer to being in union with, being consecrated to the same end—one in mind, purpose, and life. They do not teach physical entrance of one being into another. It may be best understood by a man and woman becoming one in life together, being in each other's plans, life, etc. Hence, Satan entering into Judas simply means Judas submitted to Satan's temptation to betray Jesus. He became one with Satan, like men become one in spirit with God when joined to Him in consecration (1 Cor. 6:17).

The demons robbed the person of all peace of mind. The demons robbed the person of all joy. Sometime these people accomplished great thing, and are given many blessing in which they should be happy, but are not. The demons give them compulsions that are beyond normal. Rich people that have million in the bank are stealing buttons from clothing in stores. People that can buy the stores several time over. No demons possess person have a genuine love. They only sound nice and act nice. Demon possess people have a hate in them that made your skin crawl, and this is natural to them. These have no natural affection.

Php 4:7 And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

1Jn 4:20 If anyone says, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar. For if he does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?

If your child can cut a rat, a lizard or skin a cat with ease, and suffer no remorse after, the child is being possessed.

Mark 9:21 (KJV) And he asked his father, How long is it ago since this came unto him? And he said, Of a child.

Mat 8:31 And the demons begged Him, saying, If You cast us out, allow us to go away into the herd of swine.

Parents need to be careful who they let baby sit their children. If the people you leave the children with are being possessed, so will your child.

If the person can cut themselves with knives just to feel good, the person is poses. There is a certain man in the bible that was poses with evil spirit. This man cut himself as demons power possessed him.

Mark 5:5 (KJV) And always, night and day, he was in the mountains, and in the tombs, crying, and cutting himself with stones.

If the person is good today, and for no reason tomorrow the person is turned into another person, the person is being possessed. Demonic spirit sometime uses the body like a house.

Luke 11:24 (KJV) When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walked through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.
Ten Facts about Demons (Luke 11:24-26):

1.They are unclean (Luke 11:24). 2. They can go out and come into the bodies of men (Luke 11:24-26). 3. They can walk (Luke 11:24). 4. They seek comfort (Luke 11:24). 5. They can talk (Luke 11:24). 6. They make decisions (Luke 11:24). 7. They distinguish between different places (Luke 11:24-26). 8. They seek fellowship and company with each other (Luke 11:26). 9. They are wicked (Luke 11:26). 10. They seek control of men (Luke 11:24-26).

A un-call for hate. A hate without reasons. Especially for a good person is demons possession. Hate, resentment, and rejection without tangible reasons is demons possession. Prejudice! Nobody can be really prejudice natural. You and I can hate a person that we know to be no good. However, to see a person for the first time and hate base on race is not natural. Watch this! This is more natural, for a person who has not know Jesus, but for a person to know Jesus as lord, and is bigot. What did the blood of Jesus done for such a person?

1 Kings 13: (KJV) Now there dwelt an old prophet in Bethel; and his sons came and told him all the works that the man of God had done that day in Bethel: the words which he had spoken unto the king, them they told also to their father.

Demonic influence is worst than possession. With “Demonic influence,” The person is not being possessed, but demonic spirits have access to his or her mind. The spirit can get the person to do are say whatsoever comes to their mind even without thinking about it or feeling remorse for it. This made the person very unpredictable; you and I will never know when that person is going to become a hulk.

If the voice is trying to get you to say and do things. Do not do it. It will be a compelling voice, trying to take over your will.. Speak back to the voice. Memorized scriptures verses and quote them back at the voice. You must know if it is a voice you are hearing or it is a feeling you are having. You must rebuke the voice in Jesus name. You and I cannot prevent Satanic and demonic suggestions from coming into our mind, but we can fight it to the point, where it has no effect over us anymore. It is like racism, it reaches a point where name calling and defaming, does not hurt my feeling any more.

James 4:7 (KJV) Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Both Satan and his demons do not do stand up well in the face of resistance. If you resist them, they flee from you.

Having a sex urges is not demonic. Masturbation is not. God creates us to propagate our kind. It is natural to want to have sex and having sex. When self righteous Christians that does not understand the basic principles of salvation. Having sex out of marriage, and especially if it was good, they think demons have something to do with it. In addition, some even went into depressions. If it was good, they keep going back for more and think that Satan bound them.


These are the hardest demons to detect. Because the demons fooled them into believing it is the Holy Ghost in their belly. When some of them got deliverance, they vomit up the demons. When these demons turns up in revival services. For all the crying and screaming that you heard, if you are really listening, you will see that it is not a rejoicing, but a capture. The demons are capturing unstable souls, throwing them down on the floor, and are initializing them.


You need to know that since the day of Pentecost, a believer does not need to tarry for the Holy Spirit. “Tarry” Mean to wait. You already have the Holy Ghost. Anything else that you need to get from God. You will get it when the Holy Spirit wills it. You do not need to fake any gift of the spirit. As long as you have a fake gift of the spirit using, you are only preventing the genuine gift from materialize in your life. Do not run to every altar to have people lay hands of you to receive the spirit. I remember went to an altar and get hands lay on me. I was like mad man on my way home. I have to go home and do battle with what the person put on me.

The demons robbed the person of all peace of mind. The demons robbed the person of all joy. Sometime these people accomplished great thing, and are given many blessing in which they should be happy, but are not. The demons give them compulsions that are beyond normal. Rich people that have million in the bank are stealing buttons from clothing in stores. People that can buy the stores several time over. No demons possess person have a genuine love. They only sound nice and act nice. Demon possess people have a hate in them that made your skin crawl, and this is natural to them. These have no natural affection.

Supposed conviction of sin by deceiving spirits. By Jesse Pen- Lewis, in the book title” War On The Saints” " I united with a number of brethren and sisters one whole week every month, in prayer to God to pour out more of His Spirit, gifts and power. After having done this for some time with great earnestness, such powerful and wonderful manifestations of God and His Holy Spirit (apparently) took place that we no longer doubted God had heard our prayer, and His Spirit had descended into our midst, and on our gathering. Amongst other things this spirit, which we thought to be the Holy Spirit, used a fifteen-year-old girl as his instrument, though whom everyone belonging to our gathering, and having any sin or burden of conscience, had it revealed to the gathering. Nobody could remain in the meeting with any burden of conscience without it being revealed to the meeting by this spirit. For example: a gentleman of esteem and respect from the neighborhood came to the meeting, and all his sins were exposed in the presence of the gathering by the fifteen-year-old girl. There upon he took me into an adjoining room, so broken down, and admitted to me, with tears, that he had committed all these sins, which the girl had exposed. He confessed this and all other sin known to him.

Then he came again into the meeting, but hardly had he entered when the same voice said to him" Ha! you have not confessed all yet, you have stolen ten gulden, that you have not confessed" in consequence, he took me again into the adjoining room and said" It is true, I have also done this" This man had never seen this fifteen-year-old girl in his life, neither she him.---We had to unmask this spirit which had brought about these things-which we took to be the Holy Ghost as a terrible power of darkness.-- As we came downstairs the voice of this power said, using the fifteen-year old girl as his instrument" What is this rebellion in your midst? You will be sorely punished for your unbelief" I told this voice that it was true we did not know with whom we had dealing. But we wanted to be in that attitude, that if it was an angel of God, or the Spirit of God, we would not sin against Him, but if it was a devil we would not be deceived by him'' if you are the power of God, you will be in accord as we handle the Word of God.-- Then the power had to reveal itself of its own accord. Through the person which he had been using as his instrument he made such abominable and terrible grimaces, and shrieked in such a piercing tone'' Now I am found out, now I am found out"

In The book “War On The Saints, by Jessie Penn-Lewis. Page 149-150. 1-3 The agency of demons is always brought more conspicuously into notice, in proportion to the manifestation and power of God’s work among souls. When the son of God was manifest in the flesh, in called forth the activity and outspoken agency of demons more than ever before.

Demons are of a multiplied variety. They are of various types, greater in diversity than human being, and these demons always seek to possess a person congenial to them in some characteristic. The bible tells us of unclean demons, with craft and fortune-telling demons, of insanity, of drunkenness, of gluttony, of idleness, of wonder or miracle working, of despotic demons, theological demons, screeching and yelling demons. There are demons that act more particularly on the body, or some organ or appetite of the body. There are others that act more directly upon the intellect, or the sensibilities, and emotions, and affections.

There are others of a higher order that act directly on man’s spiritual nature, upon the conscience, or the spiritual perceptions. These are the ones that act as angels of light, and side-track and delude many who are real Christians.


They seek out those whose make-up and temperament is most congenial to themselves, and then seek to fasten themselves on some part of the body, or brain, or some appetites, Or some faculty of the mind, either the reason, or imagination, or perception; and when they get access, they bury themselves into the very structure of the person, so as to identify themselves with the personality of the one they possess.

“A very holy and useful woman says, that soon after receiving the baptism of the Spirit, there came to her one night in the church, a wild abnormal impulse to throw the hymn-book at the preacher, and run over the church screaming; and it took all her will power to keep her hand from throwing that book, but she had common sense to know that the Holy Spirit was not the author of such a suggestion. If she had yielded to those sudden feelings, it would have likely given that fanatical demon admission to her emotional nature and ruined her life-work.

Another person said he felt like rolling on the floor, and groaning and pulling the chairs around, but he distinctly perceived that the impulse to do so had some things wild in it; and a touch of self-display contrary to the gentleness and sweetness of Jesus; and, as quick as he saw it was an attack of a false spirit, he was delivered. But another man had the same impulse, and fell down groaning and roaring, beating the floor with his hands and feet, and the demon entered into him as the angel of light, and got him to think that his conduct was of the Holy Ghost, and it became a regular habit in the meetings he attended, until he would ruin every religious meeting he was in.


Some young people at one time say" We want Jesus but we do not want the Holy Ghost. The reason for this is the way so call Christians behave when the received the demonic spirit posing to be the Holy Spirit. They behave so bad that it turned off the younger generation. One unsaved man said" Since sister B and Sister C receive the Holy Ghost they are as stupid as ever" "They are outside roiling and the grass and are speaking in tongues" At the same time, the church people failed to see that Satan came in among them and take possessions of the two young girls and are posing to be the Holy Spirit.

1 Jo 4:1 Beloved, believes not every spirit, but tries the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

Soldiers win battles but are not the ones that win the war; the spies on the inside win the war. Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall on account of spies’ activities. The apostle Paul told the Christians that after his death, wolves(a word used to describe fake ministers) will enter in among them. Acts 20:29 (NASB) "I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; Acts 20:30 (NASB) and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them. Acts 20:31 (NASB) "Therefore be on the alert, remembering that night and day for a period of three years I did not cease to admonish each one with tears.


  1. This is an interesting article that I can relate to my own experience. Several years ago I became aware of a spirit attempting to enter my mind. I sensed another consciousness entering my mind which appeared as a white light. Whenever it realized I knew it was there it would leave. This happened several times. I finally got tired of it and asked it to leave. I started shaking. I got very cold with goosebumps all over. I think it gave up on me and left.

  2. Hard to notice that very few people have read this very useful article.

  3. A useful and informative article applicable to all religions and all living creatures that have a soul.

  4. A useful and informative article applicable to all religions and all living creatures that have a soul.

  5. This was absolutely insightful. And it's disheartening to known that many believers have no idea what they are battling. I have been saved for 4 years and battled with my emotions, thoughts and other things and couldn't understand why. This reading has helped me tremendously.

    1. I have a question or I need help I'm 39 an I have 6 beautiful children...I have currently been diagnosed with cancer...I now have soooo many paranormal activities happening to me I get a lot of bruises AN I become very angry AN hear a evil man's voice in my head why???I ask
      Please SOMEONE help me

    2. The enemy wants to kill, steal,and destroy. You have to fight him with the word dismiss this demonic attacks in the name of Jesus Christ.

    3. The enemy wants to kill, steal,and destroy. You have to fight him with the word dismiss this demonic attacks in the name of Jesus Christ.

  6. This was absolutely insightful. And it's disheartening to known that many believers have no idea what they are battling. I have been saved for 4 years and battled with my emotions, thoughts and other things and couldn't understand why. This reading has helped me tremendously.

  7. I had an encounter with what I believer was a demon or something trying to enter me as I began to feel my mind losing control and I started to shake uncollrollably then shivering for 15 min then dry heaving. Not much more than that and I was fine. My house has issues and I've been battling darkness along time.

  8. This is a very useful article I been trying to find info about what happened to me on the church I'm congregated on an i was so confused I thought I was crazy or something made me think like that but this article made me understand so much of what happened that day thank you so much keep posting more info .

  9. I am having difficulty with hearing voices That is how it started one year ago. They never show me it is real. They say they are invisible for life. Now on 2 occasions I have fought one at least off. They call it to subdue into me. She comes into me invisible and sleeps with my husband using my body. She says she is 15 years old BTW. I state NO with conviction. Still instisting and now saying will not take no for an answer. At a standstill as this is demonic in nature to me and I hold strong on my belief. Need to put this evil thing to rest. Will die before she enters my body. If she does then I will kill both of us by whatever means and that is how strong I believe in NOT letting her in.

  10. A great article . Absolutely enlightening. Thank you !

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