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Friday, 12 July 2013


The Nature of Angels and Demons (based on Daskalos)

     Daskalos, also called the Magus of Strovolos, a Greek magician-healer-shaman, has become known to the West in a series of books by Kyriacos C. Markides. His knowledge is based on Western traditions and on his own experiences as a spiritually gifted person. His ideas about possession by spiritual entities gives us additional information. Daskalos says that people become possessed by  elementals (=etheric beings created by our own thoughts and/or emotions) which they themselves have created as a result of their weakness.  In contrast to Shakuntala Modi, Daskalos only rarely encounters possession by beings who reside in the etheric world. Maybe this is because Daskalos works with the local population, while Modi as a psychiatrist works specifically with mentally ill patients. At times her patients might mistake the artificial, self created elementals for real spirits.

     Deceased humans often hold on to their hate towards particular people or situations when they pass to the next world. This is the cause of them finding themselves oscillating between the physical and the divine world. It allows them to come into contact with the physical world again and again by taking possession of living human beings who have certain phobias or who are in a certain psychological state that permits those spirits to enter the person. One needs to understand that possession, be it by a demon, elemental, or a deceased human, can take place only if there are reasons, that is, when the individual  vibrates analogously with whoever or whatever tries to enter him. In other words the person must himself have the predisposition to be possessed.

     The most difficult type of possession to cope with, Daskalos says, is by deceased humans. They have a particular persistence. It is not easy to send them away. And you cannot destroy or dissolve them. They are eternal beings and cannot be destroyed.

     About demons, Daskalos says that they, like the rest of creation, evolve too and will one day be part of the Holy Spirit (the Light). "Humans are afraid of demons because they are invisible. Had they not been so, men would have exploited them like other animals." A surprising statement! Demons can take ugly animal-like shapes but can also acquire the shape of human beings as they can adapt themselves to whatever they see; they are like chameleons of form. Demons have no genitals, they are usually dark and sometimes even handsome.

     Daskalos explains that demons and angels are both emanations of archangelic forces. In themselves neither demons nor angels are eternal beings. They are  elementals of the archangelic force which is projecting them. Human beings also are capable of creating both demonic and angelic elementals. Demons are archangelic emanations in the negative side of existence in order to create the realms of separateness. The archangel Lucifer is down here to create the opposite side of energy and power in order to bring balance. The purpose of this Evil is to create for us more sharply the meaning of Good.

     Man is allowed to create both demonic or angelic elementals. Archangels can only create angelic elementals, but Lucifer can only create demons. Demons posses a form of subconsciousness that enables them to converse with humans. One can reason with a demon but not with an angel because an angel is an unshakable law. An angel cannot deviate from his divine purpose. A demon opposes the work of the angel and can influence man. Once a demon attaches himself to a human being, he acts along with him, using the logic of man, regardless of the fact that it may be a form of unreason. An angel cannot do that. An angel has no choice but to do good. A demon cooperates with man and therefore absorbs part of his experience. The angel expresses the love of his archangel uncolored. A demon expresses within the realm of separateness the love of his own archangel which is sentimentality. That is why a demon can more easily get attached to a human than an angel. The angel can only create blindly, fully, and beautifully through the Holy Spirit. The demon does everything that man does.

     In contrast to what most believe, Daskalos says that angels and demons are not in conflict. They only appear to be so in human consciousness. But in fact they cooperate. They take different positions within the subconscious of the individual in order to make it possible for us to know the meaning of good and evil.

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