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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The devil and the way of guru (SIKHS)

The focus of the guru is on purifying the heart and becoming more Life centered/Naam centred and realising that the self is part of life and supported by it, so there iss no gain by being self centred, to the exclusionof others. By drawing life into one's life, we becomes lamp for the light that is god.
then, we can soread that light to others. the whole technology of gurmat (way of the guru) is for this purpose.
Snce gurmat is about how we like life, most people tend to regard discussion of spirits as superstition, or at best irrelevant.this is unfortunate since there is nothing in guru granth sahib ji/ gurbani or the daily prayers which is not for our benefit. that various spirits exist is mentioned many times in gurbani. in common with many idegigenous traditions, there is mention of the elemental spirits of water and fire , and mother earth ("mata dharat mahat") variou hindu gods and goddessses, the prophets mentioned, in the semitic religious. (judaism,christianity,islam,many buddhas and others.) free from the confusion that this world is all there is, the spirits cannot be sincere atheists god, they remember the name.
"Dmons,angles,snake king of hell,and sprites utter the name all the time" (tav prasad swayyas,verse 7,third of morning prayers)
However, in the material world, people often go on to workship these other spirits rather god.gurbani tells us that.
"Sme fools go to workship idols, while others,behaving unenlightenedas animals go to workship he dead" (tav prasad,swayyas,verse9)
Tis does no include only black magic and voodoo but also lighting candles at the tombs of dead stainsand praying to them, often accompanied by music, which was a common practice of sufi muslims. it is different from remembering dead beloved ones. what happens to those we loved after death? the angle of death is sometimes called yama, by which name he is also known to the jains,buddhists and hindus, and azrel, which is what the muslims call him. the soul is taken from the body and then taken to the divine court for divine justice. according to our good and evil deeds, people are placed in heavens (rewards)and hells (punishment). thereafter they may be given another chance at serving god through being reincarnated.

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