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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


What Are Evil Spirits?

Long before the Bible was translated and long before the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls people were aware that spirits existed.  They knew spirits could affect people, their health, their success or failure, their family and friends and how they perceived the world around them.

The Bible tells us that long ago there was an angel named Lucifer who was so bright he gave the morning star a run for its money.  In fact some called him The Morning Star.  There is some debate as to if he was actually brilliant to look at or if the term was relating to how smart he was.  Truth be known God bragged on him.  Who is like him?  Some say he was the Choir Master of Heaven.  Most do not understand the meaning of that term since angel songs are not like songs that humans sing.  The songs of angels are the sound of creation's engine.  So if this is the case Lucifer was in charge of some or many aspects of creation like a foreman in God's factory.  If so he knows how things are made and what makes them tick.
Angels are creations of God as is everything but their purpose is to help create and maintain that creation.  Lower levels of angels simply function without thought very much like a factory robot running a program.  Some of us see no real intelligence in them at all.  The sun burns and warms the earth, big deal.  It was created in a certain way and provides key elements to life as we understand it.  Enoch described the angels of the sun as being like massive beasts that stand miles high.  They are angels and they can also be explained by science.  Without these angels we wouldn't exist.  The earth would be a frozen empty waste land.

Limestone rocks used to be living things on the bottom of the sea floor.  They live, they die they get compressed by more dead things and presto they become stone.  Big deal right?  Well the truth is they were once literally billions of living things.  Stones made up from dead once living things have a certain kind of energy signature that things formed from non living things do not have.  This energy signature contained a program that is recognized by God long after the death of the animal.  Humans are the same and even our memories of our soul are recorded within our spiritual life force or spirit.

Great piles of dead dinosaurs buried deep within the earth turned into oil some how.  We call things made from that goo petroleum products.  From petroleum jelly to the fuel we put into our vehicles most people use some form of petroleum products every day.

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