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Thursday, 21 August 2014



On a recent investigation Night Shade Paranormal Research Society captured a photo of a genuine paranormal orb at the Thompson House. The Thompson House is a bar and concert venue, across from Newport on the Levee, in Newport Kentucky.  This location is known to have a high level of paranormal activity.  The investigation took place on February 9, 2014 between Noon and five PM.

The majority of orbs that appear in photos taken at known paranormally active locations are usually out of focus particles of dust floating near the camera lens and being illuminated by the flash or other light source.  The particles may appear somewhat differently depending on the composition of the dust. To illustrate this fact, the following two pictures were taken under controlled conditions demonstrating an example of dust orbs.  The first photo is the room devoid of dust orbs except one that appears to be near the top of the lampshade by the far wall. The coat tree is placed in the picture as a distance reference. It is about two and a half feet away from the camera lens.

                                                   Image 1 Dust orb experiment
Immediately after taking the first picture, shown above, we shook a dusty rag about two feet in front of the camera, waited a few seconds for the disturb air to settle then snapped the following picture.

Image 2 Dust orb experiment

The room now appears to be filled with orbs. It is a natural tendency to assume that the larger orbs are the closest to the camera, which in deed they are.  However, the dust particles appearing as different sizes of orbs are in reality only a few inches from the camera lens. Look closely at the photo above, none of the orbs are obscured by the coat tree or any other object in the room.  Even the very small orbs are between the coat tree and the camera.

Dust orbs can be very problematic when conducting a paranormal investigation.  To truly validate an orb as being paranormal, there must be some gauge of distance and/or some outstanding characteristic not usually seen in a dust orb. This gauge of distance is provided in the following photos taken at the Thompson House.

Events leading up to and just prior to when the following photographs were taken are as follows:

Marcia Treadway, Lead Investigator for Night Shade Paranormal Research Society and Jennifer (a friend and team member who is also a sensitive) were alone on the second floor near the stairway to the third floor.  They both heard a noise above them on the third floor.  The noise occurred again and both of them went to the third floor to investigate, but the host of the investigation had locked the gate to the large room that was used as the servant’s quarters.  Jennifer started back down the stairs with her dowsing rods in hand with the intention of doing a session on the second floor. Marcia noticed that Jennifer looked as though she “felt” something and stopped on the third floor landing and began taking the sequence of photos that are shown below.

The following picture (Image1) was taken from the third floor landing.  Notice the orb appearing in the doorway of the second floor landing.  In this picture we have no reference of distance for this orb. At this point, it could be a paranormal orb or it could be a dust orb.

 Image 1
In the following picture we zoom in to get a closer look.  Notice that the orb does not have a darker nucleus like the usual dust orb.  Instead it has mottled shading on its surface.

 Image 1 zoom

In the following picture we increased the contrast to enhance the details of the orb.  Notice the mottled shading of the surface and a brighter halo on the periphery.  However, we still have no gauge of distance between the orb and the camera.
 Image 1 zoom & increased contrast
In the following picture we now know the distance of the orb from the camera.  The orb is now partially obscured by the header of the third floor.  This provides strong evidence that this orb is of paranormal origin.  It is important to note that the two pictures (Images 1 & 2) were taken just seconds apart.
Image 2
In the following picture we zoom in to get a closer look.  Notice that the orb still retains the same characteristics as in the first image.  There is also another orb that appears to be further down the hallway.
 Image 2 zoom

In the following picture we increase the contrast to enhance the details of the orb.  Notice it still has mottled shading of the surface and a brighter halo on the periphery.  We cannot say for sure that the smaller orb is of paranormal origin, but it does seem to have the halo characteristic similar to the larger orb.

 Image 2 zoom & increased contrast
In the following picture (Image 3) we see that the orb is beginning to fade.  The smaller orb that appeared in the lower left of the picture appears to be a dust orb.

 Image 3

From the photographic evidence presented above we can safely conclude that the orb captured in the photos is most likely of paranormal origin.  It is safe to assume that the orb is not self illuminating at a wave length visible to the human eye, and its composition is either a substance or some type of energy field that partially reflects the light from the cameras flash.  The light fixture with the blue bulb hanging below the header is approximately 5 inches in diameter.  Comparing the size of the orb to the light fixture the orb appears to be at least five inches in diameter.

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