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Thursday, 28 November 2013

NASA Photographs “Angels” Flying Near the Sun?

NASA Photographs “Angels” Flying Near the Sun?

When I hear that something mysterious was photographed in space, I think it’s either space junk, a camera malfunction or necromorphs. I’m secretly preparing for the latter of the three because we WILL find the markers one day. That, or my obsession with Dead Space as become so massive that it’s blurred the lines between reality and fantasy. Either way, I’m still preparing…but enough about that, we’ve got NASA photos to talk about! So NASA has released two photos that were taken within the past few months showing gigantic, angelic-looking anomalies near the sun. The photos have become a hot-topic among UFO enthusiasts and NASA has given no explanation as to what they are/could be. Editor Benjamin Creme for the ‘Share International’ magazine has decided to throw out his own explanation on what the anomalies could be. He believes that they’re ‘angels’, or ‘devas’ (as they’re known in the East). “The angelic or deva evolution runs parallel to that of the human and they can vary in size from tiny to colossal. This ‘angel’ was filmed moving near the sun and both photographs are of the same ‘angel’. Our information is that it is gigantic, about half the size of Earth.”

(The two photos released by NASA showing strange anomalies near the sun.)

Oh great, now you mean to tell me that there are gigantic, planet-sized space angels that are flying around? Welp, gotta prepare for that invasion as well. In the mean time, let’s talk about the photos. Anomalies hanging around the sun is nothing new. These just happen to look like angelic in shape. Does that mean that they’re actual angels or beings like angels? Eh, that would probably depend on you. Personally, I think that saying that these are colossal angelic beings is going just a bit to far for me, I can see why one could believe it to be possible. I think this is just some weird solar flare, not an actual being. But it is pretty weird that on two separate occasions, a similar shape was photographed in the same general area. But what do you think? Is this an actual angelic being or is it something more natural/known like a solar flare?

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