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Friday, 12 July 2013


It is an idea that many people are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with: might mental and physical illness be caused by spirits, disincarnate entities of various kinds? We live in a society where science has declared the invisible realms of spirits, angels and deceased souls  are of  fairy or fantasy books. But did they make a big mistake by doing so? People still report seeing and encountering spirits, ghosts, fairies and other spiritual creatures. Possession by spirit beings is still been reported, and in contrast to the movies it is not all evil. It is just a question of knowing what is going on and how to handle it. The following is based on accounts of different people who have successfully worked with identifying and liberating possessive spirits.

The E-Syndrome

The E-Syndrome is the title of a marvelous book (in Dutch) I read in the early 1990's. It was written by Roger Vanderdonck, a psychologist and clairvoyant, in Flanders, Belgium (he died in 1991). He discovered that certain people cannot be hypnotized or it is very difficult to hypnotize them. He discovered that a large percentage of those people were "possessed". The totality of their symptoms he called the E-Syndrome or Entity-Syndrome, what refers to the presence of one or more spirits with a particular person. He purposely did not advertise or publicize his own investigation in this matter. In this way his clients came to him from word of mouth. During two years he kept detailed notes and analyzed his findings to get a better understanding of the phenomenon. During this period he examined 1131 cases in which 921 had a 'presence'.

     The symptoms are not all the same and vary from person to person. The longer an entity has been with a person the greater the chance that the symptoms are present or that the symptoms are stronger. So what are the symptoms that can show up?

1. Head complaints are very frequent, from a normal 'pressure', or 'band ' around the head to headaches and migraines. Some 63% of his clients had this symptom.

2. Neck complaints, also frequent (60%), often unilateral, with or without pain, stiffness of the muscles.

3. Internal disorders, as with the digestive system, heart problems and breathing problems. Vanderdonck only took those symptoms into account that had no known origin.

4. Depression and related symptoms (77%), from occasional dark thoughts with a pessimistic outlook on life to heavy depression.

5. Suicide thought or attempts (23% of his clients). A high number of accidents are also a strong indication to the presence of an entity.

6. Fatigued and being overly tired. It is rarely the cause of a visit to his practice because it is is almost always present (84%). When spirits don't make the transition to the Light, and remain here on earth, they do need to take in energy in order to sustain themselves, and this energy they get from a living person to which they attach themselves.

7. Relationship problems or social problems.

8. Other therapies don't work, classic or alternative. The entity often made it impossible for for the therapy to work.

9. Rarely (less than 5%)  there are direct signs for the presence of an entity. The patient feels a the presence of an entity in himself, or that an entity is always watching him, or is doing things he doesn't want to do, or is even physically pushed by an unseen entity. Other signs are: feeling a cold wind, hearing of sounds, seeing images, feeling pressure on the body and so on.

10. Signal symptoms. The person adopts characteristics, behavior or habits (especially negative) of the entity that is possessing them. This can also be physical, like pain, or tics, or bad hearing or vision and so on. 94% of his clients had physical symptoms that the doctor was not able to find the physical cause for.

     Roger Vanderdonck developed a unique and effective diagnosis method to determine if a person has a spirit, or entity, attached to him. he calls it the swing-posture test. The client stands upright in a relaxed position. Vanderdonck first magnetized (magnetic 'passes') the person to reduce tensions. The patient looks at a point on the wall and is asked to drop down in a relaxed way, in whatever direction is natural to him. The patient knew that he would be immediately caught in the arms of Vanderdonck. From the way the person drops down it can be determined if there is an entity present. If the person drops backwards, there is no entity present. If the person drops forward there is an entity present. If the person drops to the right, there are two entities present or there is one clearly negative entity. When the entity drops to the left, then this is a signal of the the person's spiritual guide who wants to communicate or give a message to the person. After this initial test, Roger Vanderdonck verified his findings clairvoyantly.

     Another test he did was the feeling of the temperature of the person's neck, left and right. Some people, with an attached entity, complained of a big difference in temperature left and right in their neck. The left side was often much colder than the right side. The temperature on both sides would equalize after the treatment.

     Roger Vanderdonck also looked at the eyes of his clients. Their eyes were often pale, dull and 'veiled'. Eye problems were not uncommon.

     As Roger Vanderdonck was not only a psychiatrist but also a clairvoyant, he was able to find out what entity (or entities) were attached to a person. He found that the death of the entity always happened between the day of conception of the client and the day of the visit of the client to Vanderdonck. Yes, an entity can join a living person during its pregnancy, thus before birth. This is rarely the case, but it can happen. So what kind of rules did he find in this regard?

1. Once an entity arrives at (=attaches to) a living person it can not leave by itself. It will only leave when that living person dies or when it is taken away. There is an exception to this rule, and that is when the entity goes from the mother to the child during pregnancy. A spirit of an aborted baby or miscarriage can stay with the mother, or can transfer on to the next child.

     Another exception is when a black magician put a curse on a person for the duration of  generations (a family curse) by sending a dark entity to that person. That entity thus hops from one generation to another until it has been dealt with.

2. In general the entity is from human descent, that is it was once a living human that died and crossed over to the hereafter. But Roger Vanderdonck found a couple of exceptions.

     One was that of a woman who had already been with two doctors, in vain. She said that something had 'fallen' on her that was exhausting her enormously. Vanderdonck clairvoyantly discovered that it was not a human but very strange creature that was attached to his client at her left side. It looked like a kind of red 'branch' or 'tree', twisted, with rough skin surface and a bunch of strange little extensions. When mentally contacting this creature it communicated that "I come from far away...I was fuel was gone...I fell on this planet...I took the first energy source I found...that was this life for here...I want to go to the red light." In two other cases he found the same kind of small figure in a kind of space suit, who were also taking away a lot of energy from the person they had attached themselves too.

     Another exception is the presence of 'the little people', that is dwarfs, kobolds, elves, nymphs and so on.

     In two cases he found an animal spirit, from an animal that the patient had known. In both cases there had been a strong emotional connection between patient and that animal.

3. Usually the entity is a family member that they will recognize immediately when Roger Vanderdonck describes the entity. In some cases the patient did not recognize who the entity was, because the entity is a complete stranger to them, or the patient is too young, or the entity is from an earlier generation.

4. The present entity seldom has a negative motivation to attach itself to the living person. The fact that the person is suffering from the attached entity, is because that entity is not on its place within the energy field of the person, and thus it is creating an imbalance, distortion or harm to the person. Although an entity, when it has just died, is concerned about a still living family member or just wants to find as place of comfort by attaching itself to a living person, this is an egotistic motive, although not recognized by the entity. Good intentions can do harm. Negative motives can also happen out of jealousy, hate, revenge and so on.

5. Depending on the emotionality that once existed between the patient and the entity, it is usually a grandparent that is the attached entity. The we find parents and blood relatives who have died. Attachment by the spirits of aborted babies or miscarriages are rare, and it is often the emotionality that once existed between mother and the unborn baby that is a determining factor. Rarely is a deceased spouse the attached spirit.

     So far we have seen what kind of spirits can attach itself to a living person. How did Roger Vanderdonck liberate his patients from those spirits? He said that one way is asking the help of higher spiritual forces by prayer, offerings, ritual dances and so on. This is usual done for a group of people, not so much for one particular person. But this method is not that effective and even less controlled (churches f.e. usually don't check back on their followers).

     Exorcism also doesn't work. With exorcism the spirit is always seen as evil, and often called demon or devil. Vanderdonck said that only 6% of his clients had entities that were negatively motivated. Also, exorcism is only concerned about helping the person, not the attached entity. And with exorcism, the entity usually returns to the person. The reason for this is that the entity is not really evil but that the procedure of exorcism is itself a negative intention.

     Spiritism, when positively applied, releases spirits the Light. These are almost always spirits connected with a place, and not attached to a living person. These are also spirits that were not able to make the transition into the light.

     So, Roger Vanderdonck developed his own method that would help both the living person and the entity, and he had a 100% success with it. He did not want to bring harm to either the person or the entity, he did not want the entity to go to another disadvantageous place. He wanted the ritual to be effective immediately, and verifiable immediately afterwards. It had to be simple and he had to protect the person from being 'possessed' again. He discovered his method during his transcendental meditations, in which he frequently arrived at a scene in ancient Egypt where he saw a ritual to liberate entities. He saw that scene so frequently that he was able to write everything down in detail. At first he practiced the ritual in the presence of a clairvoyant medium, in order to check if it really worked. Once he knew it did work, he performed it without the medium. In his book he did not give all the details, because he thought that it demands a certain training and attitude, and should not be applied literally. He found out that the first ones who want to start with it are people who are not suitable and often not positively oriented. The right motivation is very important.

     The first requirement is to work in a special place that is protected, as is done in magic. He then called up the right atmosphere by calling the four elements, and the forces of the cosmos symbolized by the Egyptian Gods. After this he directed himself to the entity and explained to it its situation and that its presence with the patient causes a lot of problems for the patient, but that it is also problematic for itself. He explained the entity that it will be guided to the Light by the Gods. Vanderdonck could literally feel the soul of the entity slip through his hands when it was taken to the Light. At last all the energies and beings who have helped in the ritual were given thanks and the patients was protected against recurrence, but also against negativity and black magic. After the ritual has ended, he performed an immediately 'checkup' to verify if the entity was indeed gone. He added the black magic clause because he was being confronted with this kind of entities. One wonders if this might have been the cause of his untimely death just after he finished his book. Luckily he was able to train one person in his method, Paul Kervyn, who is now using this method in his practice at  Nismes – Viroinval (south of Charleroi) in Belgium.

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