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Thursday, 4 July 2013



Evil spirits love to keep us afraid of them. They love to put us down and make us feel powerless against them. It is a shame that spirits attack us when we least expect them to. They tend to come against us when we allow them to control us or to give us a hard time. They love to feel like they have power over us. In order to fight these demons, you must stick close to God and show him that you are willing to go through whatever he wants or expects you to go through on a daily basis. Know that God stands with you each and every step of the way. God will never allow the devil to completely overpower you, but there will be times of struggle so many times in your life. Never let anger or evil get to you because the world is full of angry, nasty and evil people. Try to build yourself up by asking God to help and protect you from all forms of danger. I know that many times people ask themselves what is the future going to hold for them and often God will take you through a series of events that may not allow you to see everything at once. Sometimes you have to take your time when it comes to prophesy and getting answers to your deepest questions that you have going on inside of you. Just know that God loves you and gives you peace each time that you try and do his will. Let the Lord prove to you that he can help you in your worst hour of need and also provide for you when the time is right. Just take your time when things go sour in your life and learn that things may not always be or work out to be what you hope. I have learned to work within my means as a way to give God all of the glory. Always give thanks to God even when everything in your life seems like it is going around in circles. The Lord will often test us to see how faithful we are to him. Peace seems to be the biggest wanting for anyone person in the world. When we ask God for peace, he gives it to us. The one thing that we must keep in mind, is to never let anyone steal your peace from you. This can easily be done by each angry and nasty person that you meet on a daily basis. Just say that if they want to be miserable, you don't have to be miserable with them. Everyone has their own choice in life as to how they want to live their life. You cannot control your angry boss at work or that friend of yours that just like to gossip. Just know inside that you can only control yourself and all that God has given to you on a daily basis. We need to always focus on what God's will is for us and learn to specialize in something that makes us happy deep within. Many people today are tired of feeling bombarded by wickedness. However, the world is not such a friendly place and often we have obstacles in our way that make us feel down. The best thing to do is to look at the positive things in life in order to feel a lot more happiness. Just try to focus in on your own needs and try to feel a sense of pride and self respect when coming to terms with what you want to get out of life. Just remember that its not your fault when someone else wants to act nasty and mean to you. Some things are just out of your control. Also know that many times evil spirits are behind people's action. Nasty people usually have really hard lives and bad things seem to happen to them a lot more than kind people. The best thing to do is to pray for those that persecute you and do you harm. Let God take care of the rest.

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