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Saturday, 13 July 2013



Quranic Incantation (Ruqya) is Psychiatry

All legitimate texts in Allah's Book and prophetic tradition denote the fact that the Quran is a guide and cure to all human beings. Allah says in the Quran: ''We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and mercy to those who believe'' .Allah also says:'' If a suggestion from Satan assails thy (mind), seek refuge with God; for He heareth and knoweth (All things), and ''And when I am ill, it is He who cures me''.
In his book, Muslim narrated that Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) said:'' When the prophet (PGBUH) complained of something Gabriel used Ruqya where he would say'' In the name of Allah to cure you, from every ailment, and from the evil of an envious when he envies and from every evil eye''. Abu Dawood Al- Khudri, May Allah be pleased with him, also narrated that Gabriel used to say theses incantations. Muslim also narrated in his Sahih that Aisha said'' when one of us complained of something, the prophet used to invoke Allah saying 'O Allah of mankind, Take away the disease, O Lord of the people! Cure him as you are the One Who cures. There is no cure but Yours, a cure that leaves no disease'''. Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Aisha said ''During the Prophet's fatal illness, he used to recite the Mu'auwidhat ( Surah AL-Nas (The People) and Surah Al-Falaq (The Dawn))'' and then blow his breath over his body. When his illness was aggravated, I used to recite those two Suras and blow my breath over him and make him rub his body with his own hands for its blessings''. 

Aisha also said: '' The prophet (PGBUH) ordered me or somebody else to do Ruqya (if there is danger from an evil eye''. He also used to say to Al - Hasan and Al -Hussein, '' I seek refuge to you in Allah's perfect words from every devil, vermin, and evil eye''.
Indeed this provides great protection to the individual against the dangers that may affect his self and heart. One can protect his heart and purify it from the afflicted ailments such as greed, envy, hatred, wickedness and malice. Allah's Book was revealed upon Mohamed's heart as a guidance and cure for what is inside the bosom. Reciting the Quran according to the rules of recitation helps in regaining one's psychological balance as it regulates breath which greatly reduces tension. Also the movement of the tongue muscles lessens tiredness and provides the mind with constant vitality. The results of researches conducted on a group of volunteers in the United States when listening to the Quran were astonishing. The Quran's recital had a tranquilizing effect on 97% of the cases though a large number of them do not know Arabic. Involuntary physiological changes were monitored in the neurological systems of their bodies which noticeably reduced tension to a great extent.

A sensitive experiment was also conducted in which a brain graph was made to people while listening to the Quran. It was found out that the brain waves changes from the quick pattern of wakefulness, 12-13 waves per second, to the slow pattern, 8-18 waves per second which is the state of deep calmness. Non-speakers of Arabic also felt the same peacefulness and comfort while listening to the Quranic verses. The prophet explained this phenomenon where he said: '' Whenever people gather in one of Allah's houses to recite and study His book, then serenity is revealed upon them, mercy embraces them, the angels surround them, and Allah mentions them to those with Him''. 
The question is: How can the Quran cure the body? It is clinically well-known that tension and anxiety reduce the immunity of the body against diseases. If an individual's psychological and mental status is unstable, then he is more susceptible to be attacked by diseases. Thus the apparent truth is that the Quran is a treatment for both, the body and the mind for it restores the balance of the psychological and mental systems. Constant recitation and listening to the Quran while meditating on its meanings increase bodily immunity and its inner defenses. Thus, Allah Willing, it becomes secure against diseases, and fights the germs and microbes that constantly attack his body with the power of this over-flowing divine light.

Incantation is Legal if it is not Polytheism

In the book of Sahih Muslim, Anas Ibn Malek said:'' The prophet (PGBUH) allowed incantations against evil eye, poison, and wounds''. Al-Nawawi stated that: '' 'wounds' are those which appear on the side of the body, and that 'poison' refers to anything with poison''. Muslim narrated in his Sahih that Aouf Al-Ashgai said: ''The prophet (PGBUH) said ' tell me about your incantations, which are legitimate if it is not polytheism' ''. Muslim also narrated that Abu Said Al-Khudri related: ''Some of the Companions of the Prophet came across a tribe amongst the tribes of the Arabs, and the tribe did not entertain them. While they were in that side, the chief of the tribe was bitten by a snake (or stung by a scorpion). They said (to the Companions of the Prophet) ''Have you got any medicine with you or anybody who can treat with Ruqya? The Prophet Companions said,'' You refused to entertain us, so we will not treat (your chief) unless you pay us for it'' so they agreed to pay them a flock of sheep. One of them (the Prophet's Companions) started reciting Surat al-Fatiha and gathering his saliva and spitting it (at the snake-bite). The patient got cured and his people presented the sheep to them but they said ''We will not take it unless we ask the Prophet ( whether it is lawful). When they asked him, he smiled and said ''How do you know the Surat al-Fatiha is a Ruqya? Take it (flock of sheep) and assign a share for me.''

The above mentioned legitimate incantations indicate the fact that it is religious and one should believe in. Legitimate incantation is a cure from the ailments of the body and soul as the prophet (PGBUH) said'' Incantation is lawful if it is not polytheism''. 

Regulations of Legitimate Incantation

A group of scholars have set certain conditions for correct and legitimate incantation due to the fact that many fakes have distorted its image. These regulations include the following:
1- It should be from the Quran or the prophetic sayings or the religious supplications that call for the Oneness of Allah, the only One responsible for bringing the good things and driving away the evil ones and He is solely responsible for man's cur. Allah says:'' And if I am ill, He will cure me''.
2- It should not include any strange utterances or symbols and the like.
3- It should be in Arabic and not in any other language for fear of discrepancies or any unknown concepts.
4- One should not believe in the incantation as being directly responsible for the cure, for it is just a means and Allah is the only Healer who made incantation a reason for the cure.
5- The one saying the incantation should be a believer in Allah as the All-Powerful and the All-Willing.
6- The one saying the incantation should not be a disbeliever neither a deceptive nor a delusive person who subdues devils and jinn. He would then ask the person who needs incantation to bring him something of his clothes, nails, hair, or even ask him for information about his family. These practices are those of charlatans, quacks, and devil worshippers.
If any of the above mentioned conditions is missing, then incantation becomes a kind of charlatanism and quackery, and can even turn into polytheism.

When to Use Incantation

Incantation is used for any of man's complaints, as stated by Ibn Al-Qayem, the well-known Moslem scholar, in his book Zad Al-Maad. He related that Allah's Messenger said:'' If any of you is suffering from any thing or his brother is suffering, he should say: Our Lord is Allah who is in the heaven, holy is Thy name, Thy command reigns supreme in the heaven and the earth, as Thy mercy in the heaven, make Thy mercy in the earth; forgive us our sins, and our error; Thou art the Lord of good people; send down mercy from Thy mercy, and remedy from Thy remedy on this pain so that it is healed up''. 
Incantation is a cure for all ailments, Allah Willing. Allah's Messenger (PGBUH) and prophet Isa, (May peace be upon him) used incantation to cure ailments. Man is also advised to resort to medications for Allah set a cure for each ailment except old age and weariness. Scholars mentioned that the prophet used three means of treatment: Natural medications- Divine remedy- Both methods.

This is a proof that one can use any of the medications allowed by Allah for the treatment of the different ailments. Many people mistakably think that treatment using the Quran is confined to spiritual ailments such as the devilish affliction, the evil eye or magic. However, the Quran is a cure for all kinds of ailments whose blessings eliminate the people's psychological, physiological, and spiritual ailments. When Othman Ibn Affan complained of a pain in his body, the prophet said to him '' put your hand on the source of pain in your body and say, 'In the name of Allah' three times and say 'I seek refuge in Allah's Power from what I find and fear', seven times''.
From the above mentioned, we find that whenever a Moslem is suffering from an ailment, he should seek treatment in every possible way, and combine between incantation and the natural medications for that is real dependence on Allah, the Almighty.

Using Quranic incantation for a non-Moslem 

It is unanimously agreed that it is legal to use the Quran in treating a non-Moslem, as it is a cure for all people. Allah's Messenger (PGBUH) approved of what Abi Said Al- Khudri did when he used Surah Al-Fatiha (Opening of the Book) in his incantation of the leader who was bitten bya snake and was cured with Allah's Will. It was previously mentioned that it has been scientifically proven that the Quran had a great effect on non-Moslems.

The Legitimacy of Blowing into One's Hands during Incantation

This means blowing into one's hand with a wet mouth, which is less than spitting. It is acceptable during incantation for there is a benefit in the direct wet air of the breath which includes blessed verses and supplications. The words of incantation that come out from the heart and mouth have a great and powerful effect. The combination of the Quran, the blow of air, and the saliva is similar to the composition of medicine. The breath of the person saying the incantation opposes those of the evil people, and it makes use of the blowing of air to remove the evil traces. The stronger the breath used, the better the effect of the incantation. Using his breath in incantation assimilates the evil breath used by the wicked people. Magicians often blow an evil breath into the notes because they are aided by devils and jinn. In contrast, the person using Quranic incantation uses Allah's words to reverse their evil doings through the blessed Quran and the modest supplication.

Regulations of Clinically Examining the Case before Diagnosis

1- Discussing the issues related to the diagnosing of spiritual ailments is not a metaphysical matter. These ailments have their own symptoms and effects that indicate them. One example is what Om Salamah, May Allah be pleased with her, narrated that the prophet (PGBUH) saw in her house a girl whose face had a black spot. He said '' She is under the effect of an evil eye, so treat her with a Ruqyah''. Asmaa, May Allah be pleased with her, told the prophet regarding the children of Gaafar, May Allah be pleased with them all, '' The evil eye goes quickly to them''. This clearly indicates that there are certain symptoms that indicate evil eye affliction which many scholars discussed as will be mentioned later on.
2- There is a direct relation between spiritual ailments (epilepsy, magic, evil eye) and the other physiological and psychological ailments of the human psyche. These ailments may have common symptoms because evil spirits afflict man. Thus the therapist need not to be hasty in his judgment on the case but rather scientifically and objectively study it from all its aspects to be able to prescribe the proper and suitable medicine.
3- The legitimate interest necessitates that the therapist makes sure the patient is not physiologically ill. He should thus advise him to under go the medical examinations needed to indicate that he is free from any physiological ailments (this is extremely important). 
4- The therapist should be extremely careful in detecting early symptoms of spiritual ailments in some of the cases that already suffer from a certain physiological problem. These ailments could be the result of mere physiological causes, or due to being afflicted with a spiritual ailment. Thus, the therapist main concern should only be with the legitimate incantation without getting into medical issues as these matters are quite unknown to him. We can not say that every pathological case of cancer is the result of envy or being afflicted with an evil eye. The therapist should also advise the patient and his relatives to make use of the physical means by checking with hospitals and specialized physicians. Signs of spiritual ailment could appear during incantation where the patient starts to feel better whereas the medical treatment failed to relieve his physical and psychological sufferings. By offering the follow up of medical advice, the therapist fulfills his legitimate duty and also combines between two ways of treatment, the legitimate and the sensuous. All would be for the patient's welfare, Allah's Willing.
5- It is worth mentioning here that hasty judgments of the case should not be carried out by the patient's acquaintances or relatives without first consulting specialized people. As previously mentioned, the cause of the ailment could be either physiological or as a result of being afflicted with evil spirits. Thus lays the importance of taking one's time in diagnosing the case, and the need to consult specialized people and listen to their advice.
Details of the sick cases and the diagnosis will be discussed in detail in the chapter on spiritual ailments.

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