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Wednesday, 28 August 2013




Many years ago, a loving couple was taking a stroll at East Coast Park at night. They arrived at the quiet and isolated Amber Beacon Tower near Carpark C. Suddenly a group of thugs appeared and knocked the guy  unconscious. They brutally gang-raped the poor.
Ever since then, passers by-claimed to see sightings of a female apparition near the yellow tower. Others heard screams of help, but found nothing when they searched the tower. It was said that the criminals were never caught and the spirit of the girl was weeping about her ill-fated life every night.


The desperate man heard a story on how to control a banana spirit to help him strike 4D, so he went and struck a needle into the trunk of a banana tree, tying a long thread between the needle and himself. The man waited patiently until the night fell. Soon he heard a wailing sound. It was a banana spirit pleading him to remove the needle as it hurt her terribly. Having the bargaining chips, the man asked for the winning 4D numbers in exchange of her freedom.
Weeks after Weeks, the man's greed grew and he keep asking for more winning numbers, failing to keep his promise to release her. Soon, he become a rich towkay. Arrogant and unscrupulous, the man soon offened many people. One of them found out the source of his wealth and subsequently removed the needle from the banana tree.

The next day, the man was found dead, in a horrible manner. The banana spirit finally had her revenge.


Today, it is a sad plight to a former popular place of interest and tourist attraction, but Haw Par Villa is more than a place that showcases Chinese mythology. It's lively statues, and the famous Ten Court's of Hell, are the source of nightmares to the young kids who used to come here for school excursions during the eighties and nineties.
It was once  rumored that Haw Par Villa was the location of the gates to the Hell. Security guards would tell their stories that how the place became alive when nights fell. Others had heard painful screams from the statues depicting gruesome punishments in the Ten Courts of Hell.


The pontianaks was perhaps the most famous supernatural being in Singapore and Malaysia. In Malay folklore, it was the vengeful spirit of a woman who died tragically during childbirth (pregnancy). Long haired and dressed in white, the pontianak flew around between trees, sometimes taking forms of birds, looking for pregnant women to kill for their foetus.

In the early kampong days, young pregnant women were particularly concerned about the legends of pontianaks. Usually wails or sounds of scratching at nights were signs that a pontianak was nearby, ready to prey on it's next victim. Long nails were kept within the house as pontianaks were afraid of sharp objects.

There was a well-known story about pontianak in Malaysia, in which a couple travelled on the North-South Highway (NSHW) at night. Halfway through their journey, their car broke down, beside some ulu plantations. The husband decide to find help elsewhere, while his wife locked herself in the car. After a while, a police patrol car passed by and stopped some distance away. the policeman rushed out of the car and screamed to the woman, urging her to get out. The wife obliged and ran towards the police car. When she eventually turned back to take a look, she saw a pontianak eating the flesh of her dead husband on top her car.

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