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Monday, 26 August 2013



1. Tekong's Three-Door Bunk

This might be Singapore's most popular army ghost story ever, spread by batches after batches of National servicemen since the eighties. The story had several variations, but the most popular version goes like this:

The recruits from Charlie company were having a tiring route march on Pulau Tekong.
One of the recruits was feeling sick but he pushed himself to continue. The night was falling and it began to drizzle. Finally the recruit could not catch up with the rest and fell out from the company. At about the same time, another recruit who had reported sick earlier joined the route march. The sergeant did not suspect anything after a headcount check.

Concerned that the sick recruit did not catch up after some distance, his buddies decided to inform the sergeant. The route march was quickly called off and two search parties were dispatched to find the lost boy. But the search prove to be  unsuccessful. It was not untill the next morning when the recruit's cold body was found sitting by a tree near by the track, with his fullpack, helmet and rifle lying nearby neatly.

After the incident, other recruit's from the Charlie company started to experience sighting of the dead recruit in the bunk. A medium was consulted after several complaints to the officers. The medium proposed the opening of a third door in the bunk to allow the trapped spirit to escape.

The old bunks, including The Three-Door Bunk, had since been replaced by newer facilities in the early 2000s.

2.Hell Money for Taxi

While the  Philippians has their fair share of ghost stories of the notorious Balete Drive, where a female ghost in white scared the hell of taxi drivers, We have our own supernatural stories whispered by our local taxi drivers too.
For years, the story was almost certain to be one of the talking points during a kopi session. t usually took place after midnight at an ulu place such as Old Tampines Road, Punggol Road, Mount Pleasant Road, Old Upper Thomson Road or Lim Chu Kang Road, Where a lady in white or red flagged down the taxi.

Her destination was always the cemetery, Which made the innocent taxi driver wondering why on Earth would someone visit the cemetery at such an ungodly hour.The journey was eerily silent even though the taxi driver tried to strike a conversation.

Upon reaching, it seemed nothing was wrong when the lady paid her fare, but after the taxi driver finished his night shift, he received a big scare when hell notes were not found among his daily income.

3.Oily Ghost

Not to be confused with the delicious and crispy you zha kueh (???), the story of the oily ghost or orange minyak (known as ??? in Chinese) was rief in the old kampong days in the sixties. Said to be a ghost, covered in thick black oil, who went around violating unmarried woman sleeping alone. His power would increase if "it" succeeded in raping 40 virgins in a week. The method to counter orang minyak was to bite it's left thumb and cover it with batik.

However, the more rational theory is that orang minyak was actually a human rapist who soaked himself in oil so that other's could not catch hold of him. The legend of orang minyak has slowly faded in Singapore of modern era but it is widely believed that the oily ghost still  occasionally disturbs the villages of Malaysia.

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