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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Aliens Abduct Ohio Man and Steal His Car?

Aliens Abduct Ohio Man and Steal His Car?

That’s gonna be an awkward conversation when you call your car insurance company and tell them that aliens stole your car. Unfortunately for one man, this has happened (the abduction and the car being stolen, not the insurance call. I’m sure that’ll happen soon though.). On June 4th, 2013 at around 1:00 a.m. in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; a man called the local sheriff’s office after he’d been in a strange incident involving “subjects not of this world”. The man says that he started having vehicle problems and that he didn’t know where he left his car. He goes on to say that he was instructed by “subjects not of this world” to drive to a field where an airport would appear and he would be picked up by aliens. (crack is whack) Deputy Rick Morrison says the man told them he’d been taken before. Morrison and Deputy Mike Creager could tell the man had been walking for a very long distance, as he had blisters on his feet despite wearing shoes. Morrison said the car still hasn’t been located and they believe it’s somewhere in Stark (Winter is Coming!) County.

This reminds me of that case where the couple took LSD and got lost in the snowy woods. Eventually they thought they found people and started to talk to them but they were really cows. Then they froze to death. A movie was made about them (it sucked BTW). What I’m getting at is this guy sounds like he had a pretty crazy LSD (or some kind of drug induced) trip. He probably drove off the road, got out of his car and just started wandering while thinking he’d been abducted by aliens the whole time. That, or he’s just making it all up and wasting the police’s time on purpose. But, I’m gonna stick with my drug theory. What do you think? Did this man really come into contact with aliens that ended up jacking his car at a magic airport in a field or is he making it up or did he just have a crazy drug trip?

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