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Saturday, 23 November 2013

England Man Snaps Photo of Two UFOs?

England Man Snaps Photo of Two UFOs?

I can’t tell if all the UFOs seen in England just look the same, or if they’re just the same ones. Either way, UFOs were sighted; let’s talk about them! On June 14 2013 in Bracknell, England at around 8 p.m., a man by the name of Steven Lambert was out on the front terrace of the Running Horse Pub. He was making a phone call when he spotted two disk-shaped objects heading south-west towards Basingstoke. Steven says that he could only see them for about five seconds and that they were flying faster than any normal aircraft. he quickly took a photo and posted it to Facebook, hoping to see what his friends thought and to hear if anyone else saw them. “I have seen a lot of funny things in the sky and I have always practiced trying to take a photo quickly on my mobile phone.” He said. “I am interested to see if anyone knows what it is. If someone else saw a funny light or a pair of lights then we know there is something out there. i really want to know what is going on out there - there probably is life out there.”

There’s one piece of this man’s testimony that’s bugging me. He says that he was making a phone call when he saw the UFOs and that he could only see them for 5 seconds before they disappeared. I gotta raise an Objection! there because unless this guy somehow stopped time for a few seconds for him to open him camera app on his phone, then there’s no way he’d be able to take a picture of the UFOs. Either he lied about how long he saw them, or he lied about him making a phone call when he saw them. Even if he misjudged how long he saw the UFOs, that still wouldn’t have been enough time for this guy to take a photo. Sure, he may have been able to do it, but the photo would probably have looked all blurry and shaky. This photo is very clear for such a short period of time to take it. Also, if the UFOs are flying so fast, then why don’t they have any motion blur to them? There’d be at least SOME indication that they were traveling at great speeds. So overall, I don’t think this photo is genuine. It was most likely Photoshopped. What do you think? Did this man really capture an image of two real UFOs or did he make the whole thing up?

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