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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hundreds in South America Flee “Cursed” Army Base?

Hundreds in South America Flee “Cursed” Army Base?

2013 is not the year of the snake. No, it’s the year of peoplefleeingestablishmentsbecausetheyarehaunted (that’s not gibberish I swear). Today we’re headed to the 3SAI Army Base in Kimberley, South Africa were hundreds of students (I think there were about 700) fled the base after they experience supernatural events inside. The students were participating in the four-month character building program called the National Rural Youth Service Corps. Only days into the program did the students begin to experience, what they call, supernatural events throughout the base. Some said they saw a snake that kept terrorizing them (shnickies!), while other students lost consciousness for unknown reasons. On Monday night (August 12th, 2013) students began to sleep outside Roodepan police station instead of inside the base. They told officials of the strange events, but they haven’t done anything to quell their fears. The base’s chaplain was even called to pray for the students, but when he heard what they were dealing with inside, he only laughed. When the DFA arrived at the police station on Tuesday (August 13th), close to 200 students were gathering at the station premises and some where walking from the base to the station. Only a few decided to say in the base. It was discovered that on Sunday (August 10th), the students boycotted their meals after one girl who apparently uses witchcraft, claimed she and six other students had poisoned the food. She claimed that one of them would die if they ate breakfast that morning. The girl later confessed to officials, but they didn’t believe her. Other students added that the girl had prophesied the death of a fellow student at a facility in the Eastern Cape. Everyone learned of the student’s death on Tuesday (August 13th). The students believe that the officials know about the ghosts that are in the base. Other controversies began to arise when students began to complain about being put through rigorous military training when they were only sent to the base for a non-military character-building program. Some students wanted to drop out of the program, but they were required to give back the cloths, bags and toiletries the program had given them. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform promised to respond to media on Tuesday (August 13th) about the events and controversies at the base, but failed to do so.

Wow. That…sounds like a typical day in High School. What I mean is, all the hysteria can probably be traced back to that poison scare. To me, it sounds like that girl was just pranking/bullying the other students and it all went down hill from their. The fainting could’ve been due to stress/anxiety/worrying about the “supernatural events” or it could be because they probably hadn’t eaten in a few days (that is, if the boycott on the food lasted a few days). The snake was probably an ordinary snake that found it’s way into the base. Combine all those things, and you have a shit-ton of frightened students. So to me, nothing supernatural occurred in the base, just a bunch of students misconstruing things for actual supernatural events. Though what do you think? Did these students actually get caught in the middle of some paranormal events, or was it just mass hysteria caused by a number of non-supernatural things?

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