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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Connecticut - Overrun by Creepiness. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 7

Connecticut - Overrun by Creepiness. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 7

Be sure your all caught up with this series! “50 States of Freaky”


Connecticut, it seems to me that you’re trying to surpass Colorado in terms of freakiness, but you don’t have any Satan sightings, so for now you come in second place. But don’t worry, you’re still full of freaky goodness! That’s right Connecticut is also home to some very bizarre things. Most notably, UFO sightings. Hundreds in fact. One described a “cluster of alien ships, floating overhead.” The state is also home to dozens of reported encounters with mysterious creatures, including one creature that was hit and killed on a highway. Several rural towns also report hearing strange music that seems to come from nowhere. But the most bizarre thing to come out of the state are reports from residents all over the state who claim they hear horrific screams coming from nowhere. 

Huh, seems the Banshee likes to vacation in Connecticut! Along with aliens, music loving ghosts, and mysterious creatures! It’s the perfect place to live! So, between Colorado and Connecticut, which would you rather visit and have a paranormal experience in?

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