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Friday, 15 November 2013

Sea Monster Spotted by Beachgoers in Australia?

Sea Monster Spotted by Beachgoers in Australia?

Good news Australia, you’re now the proud, new owner of your very own sea monster! Now, you’re probably thinking ‘we didn’t want one’, but that’s the beauty of owning a sea monster, you don’t choose to own one, it chooses who owns it. There’s nothing you can do to get rid of it…nothing. So go on, enjoy you’re new sea monster, which was spotted on October 28th, 2013 at Magnetic Island in Queensland. Beachgoers reported spotted a distinctive long, curvy “neck” bobbing up and down off the coast. The sighting has caused a buzz among the locals, and now they’re itching to find out what exact people saw. A marine biologist named Glen Chilton says that what people saw was most likely a piece of a tree or boat that was floating in the water. Australian cryptozoologist, Rex Gilroy, said that it could have been a dragon boat that sank off Townsville (Townsville? You mean like the city from The Powerpuff Girls?!) last week.

Unfortunately, it does look like anyone has snapped up any pictures or videos of the sea creature. For now, I won’t be giving my opinion on whether it’s real or not, because there’s no evidence. I’m interested to see where this will all go as time goes on. What do you think about this new creature? Could there be an Australian Nessie off Magnetic Beach, or did people just mistake a piece of a tree or boat for a sea monster?

Melbourne, Oct er 28: Beachgoers at Magnetic Island have reportedly spotted a distinctive long, curved "neck" bobbing up and down off the coast and believe it to be a Loch Ness monster.
The strange sea sighting has created quite a buzz on the island as locals are desperate to know just what is lurking in the water, reported.
However, marine biologists Glen Chilton said that while new and old creatures are constantly being discovered, even near the Great Barrier Reef, it's unlikely to be a strange aquatic beast and added that the unidentified marine object is probably a piece of a tree or boat.
Australian crypto-zoologist Rex Gilroy said that it could very well be a dragon boat which sunk off Townsville last week. (ANI)

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