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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Woman Photographs Demon Near Her Baby?

Woman Photographs Demon Near Her Baby?

How do you not notice a demon with unevenly long female arms hiding behind the toilet? Oh, it only showed up on the camera? A likely story, let’s just see if it checks out. It’s time to go all Ace Attorney on this photo! So today we’re gonna look at a photo that supposedly shows a bizarre entity standing near a mother and her new-born baby. When and where the photo was taken wasn’t specified by the uploader. A Reddit user by the name of “RickieOnRadio” uploaded a photo on July 3rd, 2013 and told people that it was taken by her aunt. She’d just finished giving her baby a bath and decided to take a picture. The photo seemed perfectly normal, until the aunt noticed something in the background. Standing behind her baby is a figure in a skirt with a elongated right arm and a pointed left thumb. The picture shocked her and her family, and has now shacked a baffled the internet as well. According to Rickie, his aunt says that there wasn’t anyone else in the house except for her an her baby. He also says that it couldn’t be a reflection of her since there are no mirrors in the bathroom. When asked about the history of the house, Rickie only said that it’s been in the family for quite some time. In response to people saying it was just someone else standing by the toilet, Rickie posted a photo to show people that the space by and around the toilet is very small, making it very hard for someone to simply just stand by/behind the toilet. One Reddit user created an overlay photo to confirm that it would’ve been hard for someone to have crammed themselves where the demonic-looking figure was. As of now, people still don’t know what to make of the photo.

I gotta admit, the photo looks pretty convincing. But, Not so fast!, as there’s one thing about this photo that I find odd. Look at the top left corner, where the demon is suppose to be. You’ll notice that the aunt’s finger is covering that part of the lens where the demon is. Why is that? Sure, her finger my have accidentally covered part of the lens, but I can’t help but feel that it’s to much of a coincidence that her finger partially covered this supposed demon. Even though the photo is looks pretty real, we can’t discount the possibility that this is just another person. The weird thumb could be a simple Photoshop edit and the person could just be standing to where it looks like their right arm is longer than their left. And yes, I know that the space by the toilet where the demon is standing is very small, but someone could still squeeze themselves in there really quick and have the woman snap a picture. I’m not saying that it’s 100% another person simply standing there, I’m just saying that it’s possible. So overall, I’m really conflicted on what to make of this photo. I do think there is something very strange about this picture, but I also can’t discount the possibility of it being another person. I think I’m gonna stay in the middle on this one, but what do you think? Did this woman really capture a demonic entity standing near her and her baby, or is it just another person standing in the background?

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