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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Winchester Couple Receives Mysterious Painting of “Ugly Woman” in the Mail?

Winchester Couple Receives Mysterious Painting of “Ugly Woman” in the Mail?

What’s that? You got a painting of an old, creepy woman and you have no idea who sent it to you? Yeah…it’s probably not the best idea to open mysterious packages, but one couple in Winchester, Hampshire threw caution to the wind when they received a mysterious painting in the mail. On October 2nd, 2013, Keith and Sue Webb opened a strange parcel that was only addressed to Keith. There was no accompanying note, only the strange painting that depicted an old woman in a while headscarf. Mrs. Webb said that she felt “threatened” by the image of the “horrid old crone”, so she had it put in the garage. The painting has no artist and no title, and all they know is that it was sent to them by an unknown person through the WHSmith post office. The Royal Mail has been unable to tell them the identity of the sender, and they hope that they’ll come forward eventually. In the meantime, the couple was curious to see if it was worth anything, so they took it to be appraised. They discovered that the painting is about 200 to 300 years old and is only worth about £200 ($323).

Careful, this might be one of those bizarre “cursed” paintings. Oh I’m just kidding, it’s just a regular painting (probably…). But, why was it sent to this couple? Who knows. Maybe it was a mistake, or maybe it was intentional and someone just wanted to creep them out. Keith said that none of his relatives have died recently, so he doesn’t think it was something left to him in a will. Whatever the case is, it’s still something that I certainly wouldn’t want to receive in the mail. So question of the day. What is one thing that you’ve received through the mail that you absolutely loved/still love? And, what would you do if you received this painting in the mail?

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