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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hunter Spots Two Sasquatches with Red Eyes in Quebec?

Hunter Spots Two Sasquatches with Red Eyes in Quebec?

Oh yeah, nothing creepy about seeing glowing red eyes at night while you’re driving down the road. Yeah, it happens to me every other Thursday when I’m walking through the woods at night with Fang (yep, that’s still an active running joke). So let’s drive on over to the Cree village in Wemindji, Northern Quebec where a hunter named Melvin Georgekish claims he spotted two Bigfoots one night, and has photographic evidence they were real. Melvin says that one night (he didn’t give the specific date or time) he was driving his pick-up truck along a road in a wooded area near his town, when suddenly he saw two sets of red eyes staring at him from within the forest. He drove onward, but eventually decided to turn around to see what had been staring at him. Upon returning to where the eyes were, he shined his lights, but saw nothing. At home in bed, he tossed and turned all night, thinking about the red eyes he’d seen (this is sounding like a mystery novel). Being a hunter, he knows that there are no animals that have red eyes where he lives. So the next day, he returned yet again to where he saw the pair of eyes. He was shocked to find giant footprints in the moss on the ground. One measured to 20 cm, while the other measured to 35 cm. Melvin described them as looking human. but they were way bigger. He took pictures of the prints, one with his own foot inside the large print (first picture) to show just how large it is, and another showing the print by itself (second picture). Melvin’s photographs have created a buzz around his town, and he believe that the creatures that were looking at him that night were Bigfoots.

Cool, you took a photo of Bigfoot prints. Unfortunately, because it’s so easy to fake Bigfoot prints these days, I’m just not convinced. If we pretend that the print photos don’t exist, all we’re left with is this mans testimony of how he saw two Bigfoots with red eyes staring at him while he drove at night. He doesn’t describe anything new or ground-breaking, since he never actually saw the creatures. Why would two Bigfoots be by the road at night? Maybe they were people watching, or maybe they just wanted to scare the crap out of someone driving by. We’ll never know because we weren’t there. For me, sightings like this are really hard to give an opinion on, so i think I’m just gonna stay in the middle on this one. But what do you think? Did this man really find the prints of two, red eyed Bigfoots that were watching him drive one night, or is this all just a hoax?

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