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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jamaican Woman Attacked by Short, Bald Ghost?

Jamaican Woman Attacked by Short, Bald Ghost?

How do you fight a ghost? Do you just swing your arms wildly and hope you’re hitting it? Or do you just, like, yell mean stuff at it and hope you hurt it’s feelings? Well one woman in Braeton, St. Catherine Parish, Jamaica decided to go with the first approach and fight the ghost hand to…hand? On May 1st, 2013 at around 7 p.m., the woman was in her home when she was knocked unconscious by what she describes as a strong force. She says she caught a glimpse of the ghost and described it as a short, bald headed man with no shirt on. When she regained consciousnesses, she started to fight with the ghost, and ended up kicking a fence. (Fatality?) A large crowed gathered around the woman as she fought her invisible attacker and she was then taken, by her relatives, inside a gated community to protect her from the spirit. However, this didn’t stop the spirit from following and continuing it’s assault on the woman. She continued to battle the spirit for a few more hours. It’s been reported that the spirit is still following the woman and that now she’s been seen wandering around the community barefoot.

See, you should’ve fought the ghost with words! Though that probably would have made things a whole lot worse, at least you’d have more of a chance of hurting the ghost than by trying to physically fight it. And i have to ask, what is it with the ghosts over in Jamaica? They just attack people anywhere. This reminds me of the case of that young Jamaican boy who was being attacked by a ghost. Nothing really seems to ward off these “duppy”. If this is anything like the aforementioned ghost attacks, then perhaps this woman really was attacked and still is being haunted by some malevolent spirit. So what do you think? Could/Is this woman being attacked/haunted by an evil, violent spirit or is she making it all up or is she just going crazy?

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