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Friday, 22 November 2013

Saudi Arabian Police Searching for Housekeeper Accused of Performing Black Magic?

Saudi Arabian Police Searching for Housekeeper Accused of Performing Black Magic?

So who’s ready for more crazy witch news? It seems as though this summer hasn’t been going so well for witches, and it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be getting better any time soon. These past months in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a man claims his housekeeper was actually a witch and put a spell on his family before fleeing. The Saudi man says that the maid joined his family nearly three years ago and that she was treated nicely by all members of the family. Recently however, the man’s family members began experiencing fits of epilepsy and fainting. Shortly after, the maid fled and magic items were later found planted in various parts of the house. The man swears that they don’t want to hurt the maid, but they want to at least stop her evil acts against his family and others. As of now, the accused witch housekeeper is on the run, and police are still looking for her.

No you don’t understand, those weren’t real magic items, you just found her “Once Upon a Time” paraphernalia (great show BTW). OK, maybe that not what it was, but I’m interested as to what exactly they found. Was it potions? Herbs? Magic wands? A fushigi? I gots to fuckin’ know! And I also want to know why the maid just up and left. Was it because the man accused her of being a witch and that’s why she fled? Or was it because she feared being accused of a witch? Or was it because she’s actually guilty of trying to hex the family? (So many questions!) I’m guessing she left because the man accused her of being a witch, but it’s unclear if that really why she just left. Whatever the case, I’m sure there’s got to be a more reasonable explanation for the fainting and fits of epilepsy than it being the work of a witch maid. But what do you think? Was the housekeeper secretly a witch? And, if you could hire any supernatural creature/being to be your housekeeper, which one would you pick?

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