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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Maine - Real-Life Vampire. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 19

Maine - Real-Life Vampire. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 19

Be sure you’re all caught up with this series! “50 States of Freaky”


I literally have no way to start this post, so let’s just get to it! Our next stop in our ‘50 states of freaky’ tour brings us to Maine, the home of good-old Stephen King. It’s also home to the now infamous ‘real-life vampire’, Caius Veiovis. This is the guy who’s mug-shot spread quickly throughout the internet in 2011 because of his appearance. Having implants to replicate demon horns, and having ‘666’ tattooed on his forehead, he has been charged, along with Adam Hall & David Chalue, with the murders of three men in Massachusetts. Adam Hall is a member of a Massachusetts Hell’s Angels chapter who was set to go on trial for kidnapping, assault, intimidation, extortion and cocaine distribution. Well, a week before Hall’s trial, David Glasser, Edward Frampton and Robert Chadwell were found murdered in a trench. it was believed that David Glasser was set to give evidence as a key witness in Hall’s trial. The other two men where ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’. Caius has supposedly admitted to drinking his victim’s blood as well as his own. he also has a forked tongue and fangs and is a worshiper of Satan. In 1999, Caius served 7 years in jail for charges including elevated aggravated assault. At that time, him and his then 16 year-old girlfriend reportedly cut the back of another teenager and kissed as they drank the teens blood. The gash required 32 stitches. Caius is still currently on trial for the recent murders.

First off, this guy says he hates ‘Twilight’, and yet he adopted one of the character’s name from the book (Caius). There’s really not much for me to say other than I think this guy should be locked away, forever. So, here’s today’s question. If you had to consume a bottle of blood either through your nose (snorting) or though your eye (eyeballing), which method would you choose? (That’s the most fucked up question I’ve ever asked)                                                                                                
                                                                                                  (Caius Veiovis’s infamous mugshot.)

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