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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kentucky - Return of the Goblins. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 17

Kentucky - Return of the Goblins. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 17

Be sure you’re all caught up on this series! “50 States of Freaky”


You could make a TV show about today’s crazy story. Seriously, it’d be great. You’ll see why by the end of the post. So our next stop in our ‘50 States of Freaky’ tour brings us to Kentucky were a family is/was terrorized by creatures from the past. Quickly going back in time to 1955 in rural Kentucky, a family was reportedly attacked/harassed by goblin-like aliens. The encounter later became known as the famous “Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter”. (I plan on doing a “Back in Time” post on that case at some point) So fast forward to 2011/2012 (so many freaking slashes!) on a website called “” (amazing name BTW). So a man named Greg Newkirk releases an article on June 20th, 2012 about how he received an e-mail from a Kentucky man who believes that aliens have been seeing beings of alien origin and that they’re coming from an abandoned mine. Greg, at first, wasn’t sure if he could or should take the case since the e-mail was sent to an old, defunct account that dealt with ghost hunting group. The group was called “Ghost Hunters, Incorporated”. The Kentucky man sent the e-mail on April 22nd, 2012. Greg wrote back asking for more details and eventually got a response. The response talked about how he’d gotten Greg’s contact information through a man named “Terry Wriste”. (Greg says he nor anyone else he knows has even known or heard of a man with that name and it was later discovered that Terry doesn’t exist and the name was just a pseudonym for some ex-military occultist who was interviewed in a book about his botched operation to blow up a secret alien base. The whole thing is crazy. There’ll be a link to more info at the bottom of this post) So the Kentucky man goes on to say that since he sent the e-mail (back in April), the supposed aliens have been harassing his family for 6 months. He says that in early December 2011, he would find strange tracks near his house. He thought it was just an animal or even young ‘hazers’ messing with him. Because of this, he wasn’t able to keep his dog outside since it wouldn’t stop barking unless they brought it inside. Later on, he’d start to find things would go missing and his shed doors would be found open with his children’s toys scattered and some even missing. Then, in the second week of January, his daughter told them of how she watched “the bald kids” play outside at night. Because of this new info, the man went and installed motion activated flood lights around his house. Everything seemed to stop, until the end of February came around.

He and his wife were both awoken by their daughter’s screams. They ran into her in the hallway and she said “the bald kids” were trying to peer into her window, but couldn’t. He called the police and they found tracks under the girl’s window. They said it was just an animal and that they should contact the game commission. Later, on March 7th, 2012, the man says that at around 1:30 a.m. his dog woke him up by scratching at the back door. He got up and said that that’s when he finally witnessed “the bald kids” for himself. Walking into the kitchen, he saw that the flood light had been activated. Looking out the window, he saw a shadow of an individual cast across his lawn as he look over by the shed. he couldn’t see what was casting the shadow and then he heard someone rustling through a box on his porch as the dog paced around in circles. Filled with anger, he pounded on the window and yelled at whoever was outside. That’s when he heard the screen door open and slam against the house and a strange ‘chirping’ noise was heard. He described it as sounding like a skunk, but more guttural. Then he realized that there were more than two people outside. The shadow in front of the flood light looked as if it didn’t know which way to run and was soon joined by another shadow. They both started to chirp back and forth, and that’s when the man noticed a figure out of the corner of his eye. Standing in the flower bed, a small, humanoid figure with sickly pale grey skin and large round eyes that resembled those of a bird’s in both color and shape. They’re described as standing at around 4 feet tall. The being didn’t have any hair and had small slits for mouths. They didn’t move their mouths when they chirped. Then, they all ran into the woods. He didn’t tell anyone about what he saw except for a friend and

Soon after, the dog went missing and hasn’t been found. As he was searching for his dog, he came across an abandoned mine that had some of his missing belongings inside. He says he hasn’t entered the mine at all. Greg and his team did some research and found that alien sightings around the Kentucky man’s area are a common thing. Greg messaged back asking for just a bit more info. The man didn’t message back for a while, but eventually did, and this time with photographic evidence. The man says that he and his family left the house as it was and were staying with his wife’s family. He says that he and his brother-in-law went back to the house to grab some things they left behind. Things seemed untouched and he believes that his family’s presence is what caused the alien’s activity. As the two were looking around, they found strange three-toed footprints. They took pictures and said that they were going to stay in the house the next two nights to see if the aliens would return, and sure enough they did. The man took a photo of what he says is one of the aliens. No one has been able to identify the foot prints and the main debate is whether they were faked or not. Same goes for the alien picture.

 (One of the photos shows the alien’s footprint.)

(One of the photos taken of one of the supposed aliens. It was said to have been taken around 6:01 a.m. on June 19th 2012.)

Holy…crap. First off, that took WAY longer than I thought it would. Second, I told you this would be a great TV show! But, there was a LOT of info to cover, and so now it’s time to hand down a verdict! Judging from the footprint photos, all we really see are tracks that could easily have been faked from wither the man or someone else entirely. The tracks seem like they’re pretty big coming from a 4 foot tall creature. Now, the alien photos. The one I showed above is the best of the three. And I must say, it looks pretty good. Sure the view of the alien is being blocked by some shrubbery, but you can still make it out. My only problems are that the alien looks a bit to much like a traditional alien and not like how he originally described it. My other problem is the time stamp. This photo was supposedly taken at around 6 a.m. in the summer. If that’s true, then it wouldn’t be dark like it is in the photo, the sun would already be fully out. Although, the time code on the camera could have been set to the wrong time, so I’m not going to judge on that. Overall, I do believe that something is/did happen at that house, but what exactly, I’m not sure. I think the man does sound pretty genuine with his claims. My only problem is the way the aliens look in the photos and how they were described as looking. They kind of don’t match up. And the footprints should be taken with a grain of salt since they easily could have been faked. BUT, with all that being said, I think I have to say neutral on this one. I want to say it’s real because most everything checks out for me, but I feel that it could easily go either way VERY quickly that I can’t pick one side over the other. Oh, and about the dog. That’s one thing that I feel is really keeping me from picking a side because there’s no way to confirm if the dog really is missing or not and that could be a HUGE factor on whether this case turns out to be real or not. The dog might not have even existed. (Think about that…) So it’s time to ask, what do you think about this crazy case? Was this man and his family really harassed by aliens from an abandoned mine or was this all just a huge, elaborate hoax?

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