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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Bigfoot Photographed in Missouri?

Bigfoot Photographed in Missouri?

What’s more American than fishing on the 4th of July with your family? Having a Bigfoot sighting on said fishing trip (*patriotic fireworks explode in the background as Eagles screech and people eat McDonald’s*). But seriously, how lucky is this family for encountering Bigfoot? Well let’s find out if they’re as lucky as they claim to be. So the photos were taken on July 4th, 2013 on Table Rock Lake in Kimberling City, Missouri. The photos were uploaded to Facebook by Angelique Christensen, who’s a member of the Paranormal Distraction investigation group. She says the man who’d originally taken the photos gave her permission to post them online for analysis. Angelique says the man wishes to remain anonymous. The pictures show a Sasquatch walking along the bank of the other side of lake. Angelique explains that the man and his friends/family were out fishing in the coves when they spotted the creature. People have begun to throw out their own opinions on what the Sasquatch creature could really be. One person suggested that it’s nothing more than a Black Bear standing on it’s hind legs. Angelique rebutted this theory, saying that the Black Bears down in that area are small and that in the pictures you can clearly see this creature has a human-like form. She plans on going down to the lake herself in the coming weeks to search for evidence of her own.

Bigfoot sure looks…baggy in those photos. Either age hasn’t been to kind to our ‘Squatch friend, or it’s a (dun dun duuuun) a costume (*terrified screams*). Just by looking at the photo, you can instantly tell something is off about this Bigfoot, and I think that’s because it’s a costume. In other Bigfoot photos and videos, we’ve seen that Bigfoot is big and has a muscular build. This Bigfoot seems fluffy and baggy. To be honest, the Bigfoot in the Jack Links Beef Jerky commercials looks more real than this one. So I believe this to be just a guy in a costume, but what do you think? Did this nameless man really photograph an actual Bigfoot or is this just yet another hoax?

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