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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Family in France Being Attacked by Poltergeist?

Family in France Being Attacked by Poltergeist?

Poltergeists are like that one friend who likes to bug you by throwing things and poking you. But unlike your friend where you can physical hit them back, you can’t do any of that with a poltergeist, you just have to sit there and take the abuse. That or move out of your house, like the family in today’s story. A family in Mentque-Nortbecourt, France claims that they’re the victims of poltergeist attacks. They say that the ghost would throw things across the house and injure them. One of the family members was hospitalized after being hit in the face with a chair (the ghost is a wrestling fan apparently) and then was struck in the back by a soap tray. A friend of the family was also sent to the hospital after being hit with rocks thrown by the violent spirit. Eventually the family fled their home and were given temporary lodging in a campsite by local officials. The Nord-Pas-de-Calais regional council is currently looking for a new home for the family and an exorcist from a local diocese is attempting to banish the spirit.

I mean I guess you could yell at the spirit but that would only piss it off and nobody wants a pissed off poltergeist. Even though there really isn’t that much info on this case and there’s no knowledge of how severe the injuries were (though being hospitalized is pretty bad so they must be pretty messed up), I kind of think it’s possible this family was being haunted. The fact that they fled their home is a definite sign that something bad was happening to them. Though I would be sad if this was just a horrible way in them getting a new home, but I doubt that’s the reason. So I think it’s definitely a possibility a ghost was haunting and attacking them, but what do you think? Are they faking the whole ordeal or could have an actual ghost driven this family out of their home?

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