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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

More Controversy Surrounding Rick Dyer’s Documentary “Shooting Bigfoot” Arises.

More Controversy Surrounding Rick Dyer’s Documentary “Shooting Bigfoot” Arises.

Oh boy, things aren’t looking good for our friend Rick Dyer. Who’s Rick Dyer you ask? Rick Dyer is a well known Bigfoot tracker and was one of the men responsible for the infamous 2008 “Georgia Bigfoot Body” hoax. Well he’s back again with another astonishing claim. He now says he’s got the body of a real Bigfoot hidden away in an undisclosed location in Nevada. You can read all about that and more here. But let’s talk about the latest details. So last week he debuted the documentary “Shooting Bigfoot” at the Toronto Hot Docs festival. However, someone has come forward saying that the entire thing was staged. A man named Jeff says that the climactic scene at the end of the film was all staged and was shot multiple times. The climactic scene is where Rick Dyer ends up shooting and killing a live Bigfoot (dammit now I know how the movie ends!). Jeff apparently appears prominently in the film as a “weird homeless guy”, but was really one of the crew members. On the night of the shooting, Jeff was assigned as look out on top of a hill while the climax of the film was shot. Not only has Jeff come forward saying the whole thing is fake, but so has Morgan Matthews, the director of the film. Rick claimed the Matthews helped him move the Bigfoot body, but Matthews denies these claims saying that there is no body. Still, Rick Dyer is sticking to his claims that he really shot and killed a Bigfoot in Texas. he even still plans on releasing the body sometime in August 2013 (funny, because the 2008 Bigfoot body hoax happened in August as well.). But until then, Rick has released a still shot from the “Shooting Bigfoot” documentary and claims it clearly shows a closeup shot of the Bigfoot he shot. However, cryptozoologist Stacy Brown Jr. says that the image shows nothing more than a fake mask used in another one of Dyer’s fake Bigfoot videos.
(A photo released by Stacy Brown Jr. of the mask he believes is shown in the newly released still photo from “Shooting Bigfoot”.)

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think that this documentary might be fake and that there is no Bigfoot body. Oh wait, as soon as I learned Rick Dyer’s name was attached to this film months ago, I instantly knew the whole thing was fake. Really the only reason why I’m still following this whole mess is because I want to see what kind of excuse Rick comes up with when it comes time to reveal to body. Will he flat out say he was lying this whole time? Will he say something stupid like the body was stolen? Only time will tell, and I eagerly wait to see what he comes up with. What do you think? Despite all these claims of the film being fake, do you still think Rick Dyer actually shot and killed a real Bigfoot? If you think he’s making the whole thing up, what do you think his excuse will be when it’s time to reveal the body and there is no body?

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