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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Man Being Tormented by “Foul Smelling Demon”?

Man Being Tormented by “Foul Smelling Demon”?

I guess it makes sense. Some demons throw things, some demons possess and some demons apparently smell awful. Madalin Ciculescu, a 34 year old lawyer in Romania, is still being tormented by ‘flatulence demons’ after seeking help from his local Orthodox Bishop and four other priests and he is now suing them for failing to get rid of the demons. Madalin says that the five holy men actually made the situation worse after they performed the exorcisms. He said in court that “If they represented the way of God then God’s ways are crooked. They did not remove the demons that made these bad smells as they promised to do, and I still see all sorts of demons in the forms of animals, usually crows but also other such things that are making my life miserable.” Madalin now claims that the demons are infesting household items including a hairdryer that produces a black spirit that chases away all who attempt to use the devise. (Are you fucking kidding me) The foul smelling spirits also inhabit the refrigerator and are stinking up his house. (Or it could be that two week old lasagna) The demons also turn his TV on and off and they make foul smells that give him headaches. The priests have rebuffed his claims, saying that the exorcisms were performed properly and that any further demons are simply products of his imagination. Madalin’s case has been rejected by a lower court in Romania as was just recently rejected by the Romanian High Court. Now Madalin plans to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights.

I’m honestly not sure what I could say. I mean, there’s really nothing to analyze or talk about. Unless this guy somehow captures evidence of these demons, whether through photos or videos, then he’s just going to sound a bit nutty. This kind of reminds me of the attorney who claims he time-traveled as a kid as part of some government project or something. Do I believe that this guy is being haunted by smelly demons? No. But what do you think? Is he being haunted by demons that stick or is he just making it up or is he just crazy?

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