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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Local Ghost Hunters in New Jersey Capture a Spirit ?

Local Ghost Hunters in New Jersey Capture a Spirit ?

Word of advise for all you ghost hunters out there, don’t stand awkwardly in the shot when you’re trying to catch a ghost a tape. Standing behind the camera is a better option because that way, people can’t say “oh it’s just that person’s reflection” when they’re trying to debunk your video. So today we’re headed to Ocean County, New Jersey where a video was shot at an undisclosed location that supposedly shows a ghostly apparition peeking through a torn down wall. 92.7 WOBM radio DJ Justin Louis posted a video to the radio station’s website on that was taken by him and a local paranormal research group called “Behind the Walls Paranormal”. He says the he (and possibly the other 92.7 WOBM DJs) and BWP were asked to team up to investigate a local property in Ocean County (he didn’t disclose the name of the property to protect the owner’s privacy). The property apparently has a long, old history that goes back hundreds of years, with some verified accounts of violence taking place there. So, after setting up all their equipment, they all began the investigation. Aside from the usual sensations experienced during ghost hunting, like light-headedness, chills, ect., they also caught something on video that they just can’t explain. Shot on a full spectrum camera, the video shows a faint white figure peeking around the corner of a torn down wall. Justin says the sheet rock had been completely removed and the support beams are visible. It’s hard to tell, but the ghost appears to be behind the support beams, or, on the other side of the wall. The video ends with the person who was standing in the shot going over to shut off the camera.

Why is the picture so fuzzy? I know full spectrum cameras don’t have the best quality, but this looks like it’s out of focus. To me, that could be a tiny indication that this could’ve been faked. But, let’s talk about the video first. So, people seem to think that the ghost is some kind of reflection of the man standing to the right. I don’t think that’s not the case since there’s no window or glass in the shot. The light from the camera’s infrared light could be reflecting off the man’s cloths, back at the camera’s lens which could make a ‘hazy blob’ effect (I really hope that made sense). Even if it was some kind of reflection, of any kind, I still don’t think that’s what it is because if you look closely, the ghost’s movements don’t sync up with the man’s slight swaying. It does a some parts, but others the ghost seems to move on it’s own. What I was thinking was that this could be some kind of light, very thin sheet or cloth being moved around the corner. Combined with the fuzzy/blurriness of the video, then a think sheet may be the answer. Still, the more I look at the video, the more I find it harder to explain. It’s an intriguing video, but I think that overall I have to go undecided on this one. While I do think the video could be fake, there’s something about it that makes it feel real. So what do you think? Was a spirit captured on tape peeking through a torn down wall, or is was this just another simple hoax?

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