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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Are Aliens Actually Demons? “Theory Talk” Vol. 1

Are Aliens Actually Demons? “Theory Talk” Vol. 1

Yay, yet ANOTHER series! If you’ve been following for a long time, you’ll know that sometimes I like to talk about theories people have about certain things. And so I literally just thought, “hey, why not make that into it’s own series?! because people definitely need another series to follow!” and thus ‘Theory Talk’ was born! This probably won’t be much of a regular series as the other ones, but it’ll pop up every now and then. So to kick off the first installment, I thought I’d bring up the theory that aliens are actually demons. I’ve heard this theory being bounced around for quite a while, it’s nothing new. Basically people ask ‘what kind of benevolent being would kidnap, torture, and then drop off people? It’s such an evil and heinous act.’ So people started to think what if they aren’t beings like us? What if they actually some kind of spirit. And what kind of spirit does evil things? That’s right, demons. Now, it’s thought that aliens could be angelic beings from heaven or heaven like places. A few accounts of people encountering UFO-like objects have supposedly been found in the Bible. So it’s not strange for people to think that demons could also come in UFO-like ships. But the main question is are the aliens themselves actually demons? Personally, I don’t think so. People ask what kind of benevolent beings would kidnap people for experimentation? Well think about it, people do the same thing only with animals. In that sense, pretend we are the aliens and animals are people. When we find something new and unknown, we take it an experiment on it. So assuming aliens are just like us, they’re doing exactly what we do/would do! So now that you’ve heard both theories, which do you think is true? Are aliens actually demonic beings and that’s how they’re able to perform horrible experiments on people, or are they beings just like us that do the ‘natural’ thing when they encounter something unknown which is take it an find out more about it through tests in a lab?

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