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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Virginia - Ghost of Bunnyman Bridge. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 46

Virginia - Ghost of Bunnyman Bridge. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 46

Be sure you’re all caught up with this series! “50 States of Freaky”


You’re just asking for trouble if you willingly walk under a dark bridge at night. It’s like walking under a streetlamp at night, nothing good will come of it. So as we near the end of our tour of the 50 states, we head to Fairfax, Virginia, the home of an infamous legend. This is where the Bunnyman Bridge is located (still waiting for the Squirrelman to become a thing). Many versions of the legend exist and it’s hard to determine which one is the correct version. But most tell of a man in the 1970’s who escaped an insane asylum and reportedly survived for years in the woods by eating raw, dead rabbits. Every Halloween, this man would dress in a bunny costume and would carry around an axe threatening trick-or-treaters and/or would vandalize property in the area (man, furries aren’t fuckin’ around anymore). If he killed someone, he’d apparently hang their bodies up on the bridge for all to see. This is how he became known as the Bunnyman. The bridge is now reportedly haunted by the Bunnyman’s ghost and it’s said that if you stand under the bridge and say his name three times, his ghost will appear to you.

There’s literally a billion variations of this legend, but they all generally go like that. Crazy guy lives in the woods, wears bunny suit on Halloween and attacks innocent kids and teenagers with an axe. It’s clear that this is simply an urban legend. I don’t think there’s any real evidence that supports the legend’s claims. I believe there were some sightings of a man in a bunny suit with an axe in the 1970’s, but it’s unknown if it was really the Bunnyman himself, or just some nut pretending to be the lunatic from the stories. As far I know, there were no bodies ever found strung up on the bridge, or at least I’ve yet to see any news paper reports supporting those claims. Either way, the whole thing is just a legend created to go along with a spooky-looking bridge. But, what do you think? Did the Bunnyman actual exist or is he just another urban legend?

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