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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

"Evil Spirits" Cause School in the Philippines to Suspend Classes?

"Evil Spirits" Cause School in the Philippines to Suspend Classes?

It seems those 18 Japanese school girls aren’t the only students dealing with supernatural craziness at school. On June 27th, 2013, the Isaac Lopez Integrated School in Mandaluyong City, Philippines suspended it’s classes after 20 students, aged between 12 - 16, began to act strange, leading many to believe they were possessed by evil spirits. Julie Esparagoza, a grade 8 teacher, says the incident all started at around 9 a.m. Her and her students were in a classroom when a female student stood up from her chair and began to act strangely while another female student lost consciousness. The girl who was standing up had to be restrained because it appeared she was going to attack the girl who was unconscious. She immediately brought both girls to separate classrooms, and their behavior slowly returned to normal. Esparagoza said that later on, she noticed some of her other students were acting funny during their break. She says she saw five girls and one boy lying on the floor, shaking while others were crying frantically. A male student reported seeing one girl “convulsing” in the middle of the playground while another was “in tears”. Esparagoza’s students weren’t the only ones affected. The same behavior was seen in other Grade 8 classes from 5 different sections of the school. Pastor Boyet Sion, from the nearby Born-Again Jesus First Christian Ministries, came over to the school when he heard of the incident from a church member. Boyet says that students were shouting things like “I don’t want to! I don’t want to!” and “Princess!”. Nobody knew who “princess” was. Boyet prayed for the students and they began to calm down afterwards. Some of the students were sent to the principle’s office while others were sent to a doctor in one of the classrooms. School was officially suspended at 10 a.m. As soon as the Grade 8 students were allowed to go home, 4 Grade 7 students began to exhibit the same strange behavior. The school then decided to suspend all classes. Around 10 students were taken to a nearby church for exorcisms. They eventually left, while some stayed behind to attend Mass.

Gone are the days of faking coughs and sneezes in order to get out of school. Nowadays it seems you have to fake that your being possessed by a demon. So similarly to how I felt with the 18 school girls in Japan, I feel that this whole situation was faked, but not for the same reasons. In this case, this was all done just so the students could get out of school. It’s funny because when the students were taken to the church they were told they were going to be injected with something to make them fell better. Well guess what, as soon as they heard this, they magically stopped acting strange. Also note that once the 8th graders got out of school, the 7th graders started to act weird. They probably saw that the 8th graders successfully got out of school the way they did, so they too started to act all “possessed”. I have no idea why these students would go to these extremes to get out of school, but I feel that that’s the reason why they started to act strange. Not because of actual evil spirits, but because they simply wanted to get out of school. But what do you think? Did this school’s students fall victim to evil spirits or was this just an over-the-top ploy to get out of school?

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