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Monday, 11 November 2013

Special Spells

Special Spells

Warning Spell

Light a black candle and say the following:
Blood turn black and flesh turn blue,
I will curse you if you force me to,
by the left hand and the unclean food,
I´ll curse your eyes, I´ll curse your lies,
I´ll call down a plague of flies,
blood go black and flesh go blue,
evil from me and back to you,
my soul clean and yours on fire,
you fuck with a witch you get burned, liar.

A Break-up-Spell

You need for this spell a magazine and scissors. Look in the magazine for a boy who looks like your lover.
Cut him out and and say:
"I name you... (name of your lover).
Then spit on him. Now find a girl in the magazine. It can be any girl. Lay her next to the boy. Leave them both there for a day. Then take them apart. Lay the boy on the other side of the room. As long as you keep the boy and the girl apart from each other, your boy will not hook back up with anyone.


The following spell is used to stop the effects of someone's actions.
Use a baby food jar and a small candle or a canning jar and a larger candle. Pack some of the moist earth in the bottom of the jar and insert the candle into it. Let the candle take on the image of the offending person in your mind. Then light the candle. As you do so, concentrate your energies into the act of the lighting.
Place the jar in a quiet location and allow the candle to burn until it melts down or goes out altogether. Take more moist earth and place it in the jar, covering the candle. Fill the jar with the dirt and pack it in. Place the jar's cover on top and secure it. Light a second candle. Take candle wax and drip it all around the seam of the lid, thereby sealing the spell.
Finally place the jar into a freezer or in a spot outside which can not be disturbed. Use the outdoors method only if you live in a frigid climate.

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