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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Texas - Ghost Light. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 43

Texas - Ghost Light. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 43

Be sure you’re all caught up with this series! “50 States of Freaky”


Texas, I’m disappointed in you. I’m not as disappointed as I am in New Jersey, but nonetheless, I’m disappointed. The freakiest thing you’ve got is a light? It couldn’t be Bigfoot or hillbilly Werewolves? Ah well, I guess we’ll just have to settle for spooky ghost lights then. So today we’re headed over to Saratoga, Texas where a mysterious ghost light is said to appear. The light resides on a dirt path called Bragg Road. Randomly, a ghostly light is said to just appear, changing from yellow and white, and sway back and forth as if someone was waving a lantern. Some who have witnessed the light have attempted to go near it, but were unsuccessful. Others have claimed that the light was following them while they drove their car. One legend says the light is the ghost of a railroad worker who was killed in a nearby accident. Another says it’s the ghost of a man looking for his bride, while another suggests it’s some type of mystical phenomenon that occurs in areas where treasure is buried nearby and that Spanish conquistadors are looking for the golden treasure. To this day, nobody knows what exactly causes the light to appear. There are quite a few places where mysterious road lights are said to appear. Most of the can be, in a way ‘debunked’, as headlights on cars that are passing through. Could this light simply be just headlights? It’s possible. There’s no way to tell for sure, but it’s definitely mysterious to say the least. So what do you think? Is there really a ghost with a lantern walking down the dirt road at night, or is it just car headlights off in the distance?

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