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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tennessee - Troll. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 42

Tennessee - Troll. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 42

Be sure you’re all caught up with this series! “50 States of Freaky”


Trolls! No, not internet trolls or those weird kids toys with the crazy, colorful hair. I’m talking about “real” trolls. So let’s head on over to Campbell County, Tennessee where in October 2008, a man claims that he and his daughter witnessed an actual troll creature. They were driving to his mother’s house. At one point, the man says he had to quickly swerve out of the way to avoid hitting something that was sitting on the side of the road. Almost coming to a complete stop, he and his daughter looked at a small figure wearing a black hat and black shabby-looking coat (fancy troll). It had long, shiny black hair that ran straight down it’s back (get that troll in a Garnier Fructis commercial!). The back of it’s coat was lumpy, like it was stuffed with leaves. Thinking it was just some dummy left by some pranksters, the two were shocked when the figure moved and looked at them from over it’s shoulder. It had black eyes and a black, wrinkled, sunken-in face. Scarred, he sped away instantly. Upon reaching his mothers house, they both told her their encounter, but she didn’t believe them. The man still believes he saw a real-life troll. For some reason, this story intrigues me. While it could easily be some creepy made up story, it just as easily be real. I know that’s going pretty far, but I kind of believe this story for some reason. I’m not saying I 100% believe it to be true, but something about just seems genuine. What do you think? Did this man and his daughter really encounter an actual troll, or is this just another made up story?

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