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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nebraska - Cowboys & Aliens. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 27 “Back in Time” Vol. 12

Nebraska - Cowboys & Aliens. “50 States of Freaky!” Vol. 27 “Back in Time” Vol. 12

Be sure you’re all caught up with these series! “50 States of Freaky” “Back in Time”


Cowboys and aliens? No we’re not talking about the Daniel Craig movie that I have yet to see, but instead we’re going back in time to June 6th, 1884 in Dundy County, Nebraska. On that day, a blazing object was witnessed by a band of cowboys who were rounding up some cattle. The object streaked through the sky and crashed some distance from them. Pieces of machinery like cogs and metal scraps were scattered all over the ground and burned the grass as they glowed with intense heat. They were glowing so bright that one of the witnesses was blinded by the light. When they went to investigate what had crashed, they discovered a 50-60 foot long cylindrical object that was glowing hot and was also about 10-12 feet in diameter. Two days later, the incident was recorded in the ‘Lincoln’s Daily State Journal’ newspaper. Then, on June 10th, the story took mysterious turn. A heavy rainstorm came through the area where the UFO incident had occurred. But when people went to go look for the downed UFO, they discovered that the rain had somehow dissolved the UFO “like a spoonful of salt”. The state journal dropped the UFO story after that and never talked about it again. In the 1960’s, a copy of the first newspaper article was found and reporters, historians, and ufologists rushed over to Dundy County. Lifelong residents said that they thought the incident never happened. One humorless author theorized that the rainstorm was artificially created so that a concealed UFO could hide in the clouds and retrieve the crashed UFO.

Seriously, what is it with aliens and water? They die when you splash water on them, and now their ships disintegrate when they get rained on? Here’s my theory, if a 50 foot long UFO came crashing to Earth at a great speed, I think it would leave a good sized crater. Not a super big one, but a good sized one. That, or it would leave SOME kind of trace that something big crashed. And going off that notion, I have to question why people just dropped the whole thing once the UFO disappeared. If something did crash land, then people would still have the physical evidence to kind of back up their claims. Don’t forget the supposed burned grass. The fact that the whole thing was just dropped despite there being physical evidence of something crashing leads me to believe that the whole thing was made up. What do you think? Did a 50 foot UFO crash and then disappear during a rainstorm or was the whole thing made up by a group of cowboys?

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